The Spirit Of '79

I know exactly where I was when I first heard The Jam - Going Underground and it wasn't sat at home watching TOTPS. We all looked at each other and went "What the f%$£!" as the whole (youth) club erupted into a skanking frenzy. Loafers, brogues, boots etc with white terry towelling socks, tight trousers and jeans, fred perrys and shetland wool jumpers all over the place. And let me tell you the best of the best wore Terry's socks at the time, everyone did. I'm going to stand up and say I'm proud of my era, we made mistakes like anyone else but boy did we make our presence felt. Not your few hundred or couple of hundred at the scooter runs as you had in the past or present but thousands of us! Who can forget Scarborough 1980, from 1978 - '84 there's not many photo's of youngsters getting manhandled by the authorities then, I can tell you and we parked where we bloody well liked. Time to reminisce '79ers and start pulling out the good bits of which there were many to be proud.

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  • 3298030477?profile=original3298028693?profile=original3298028122?profile=original3298028428?profile=originalOnce more, Düsseldorf late 1983

    • ... and just as amazing how communication between the different countries' scenes was vividly alive; no WWW, no mobile phones; just fanzines, letters and newsletters. But it worked, so we regularly had guest DJs from the UK, Belgium or Austria at Club nights. Maybe here in North Rhine- Westphalia we had a little advantage, because the british army was still present, some of their kids mingling with us. One of our best and legendary Club nights, "Pop's", was held in the backroom of a pub near Rheindalen that was run by a Brit and usually frequented by british soldiers. Just a 2 hour´s ride on my mates' 50cc Vespa, freezing my arse off on his backseat; oh sweet memories, haha!

    • Tip top shots Kai. The top one's a cracker mate ;0)

    • Düsseldorf, apart from Hamburg, had the biggest scene, the surrounding cities (like mine) counted in, Gary! Every Friday down there by train, just to hitch hike back home on Sunday morning, completely skint, haha!

  • Not my photos this time but well within the context nonetheless. 


    • Thanks folks, summer is often the best time of a life ;0)


    • Excellent Gary.
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    • Top man YM, enjoy your ride out along with the memories. I made a similar nostalgia trip to Brighton a couple of years ago, a brilliant ride. KTF

    • Hope the journey goes to plan and you have another top weekend YM. The last time I was in Scarborough for a scooter rally was in 1983, which was crap in comparison to the Easter 82 one. I was there for a couple of nights in December with the missus, mainly for a trip down memory lane. It will always hold a lot of great memories for me even if the place is a lot more run down than it was back in the early 80s.
  • Wow - I missed all this!

    By the time this was happening I had been married, and was getting divorced, and had my own business, I was still very much the mod at heart, but had graduated to shopping at Burberry's for jackets and the Burlington Arcade for socks and knitwear. At weekends I went to Ronnie Scotts and Stringellows with my ex-mod girlfriend ( who's name really was Priscilla!). The best of times, the worst of times.

    But I have to admit looking enviously at those younger mods who were hanging around Soho and Camden at the time, often wishing I could tag along with them to a Merton Parkas or a Lambrettas gig.

    Now, thanks to the passage of time, and the demise of ageism I could in theory.......but I'm 5,000 frickin' miles away !?!

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