The Ugliest Duckling Of All

I just watched a recording of Chris Farlowe perform "Out Of Time" on Beat Beat Beat in 1966; can´t think of any other pop star so ugly and yet so fascinating at the same time in his double breasted jacket and paisley shirt! If you want to, look it up on YouTube and tell me if you can top that with anything else!

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  • Farlow's looks and lack of his stage presence is probably why he didn't go on to greater things as he has a superb voice.

    His penchant was more for Nazi uniforms than Mod gear though!

    First saw him live in '65 at the Crawley Technical College Rag Ball.

    • Is that true! I once heard about George Harrison wearing old SS uniforms in his garden! Strange habit... I have to say as a german i don´t find it particularly funny... Unless it´s Mr Hilter of Monty Python´s!

    • Farlowe is a "serious" collector of Nazi regalia. Even when people dress like that as a "joke" (e.g Keith Moon, Prince Harry Hewitt) I think it's sick.

  • His version of Midnight Hour- stunning, too!

  • Oh, Kevin Rowland looks like a ferret, but Dexys is one of my absolute favourite bands, ever.

    • I was stood next to Kevin in a record shop in Gardner Streeet, Brighton a couple of weeks ago and he looked quite dapper.

    • He's definitely been a great dresser in recent years, especially, but his face is...  let's far "far from conventionally attractive".

    • Certainly depends on what he chooses to wear for the day!

    • I think I'm the only person who saw that and thought "His legs are too skinny, how is he keeping up stockings without a suspenders?"

      ...but then, my mother raised me on Frank Zappa, so I'm pretty hard to shock.

    • He looks like this now, in fact he was wearing that hat when I saw him, like a good wine he has improved with age!

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