The WHO "Sell out" LP

I just recently got this Cd and I can say I like it. My favorite tracks are

1. Glittering girl / Coke

2. Early Morning cold taxi

3. I cant reach you (I found that as a ringtone and set it on my phone)

4. Glowgirl

5. Arminea city in the sky (The backwards guitars are pretty cool)

6. Girls eyes (Sung and written by Keith Moon)

7. Someones comming

8. I can see for miles


Even the commercials are a bit humorous as well as pretty good for the who writing these jingles. So whats everyone elses opinion on this ?

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  • Superb Kai !

  • What a superb album - I can only think Len doesn't appreciate talented song writing and great tunes - cue abuse :-)

  • The melodies, harmonies and all around parody nature of this album are astounding. This too me is the most commercially acceptable Who album, and perhaps one of the most intricate. It's a shame it didn't sell to well when it was released, with tracks like "Rael" and "Sunrise" it should have been a huge hit. But history is history. And for a good laugh heres the full album cover for those who haven't seen it

  • Did I mention I thought it was crap ? :-)

    •  Ok I thought I may have just mentioned how unimpressed we were with it at the time :-)

  • I first came across a second hand copy of this record in the early 80s.

    I haven't heard it in many years and to be honest I listened to it so many times throughout the 80s I feel it would resemble white noise to me now.

    By what I can recall it was good fun at the time...

  • I love this album. A Quick one is a fave of mine ( love the performance on Rolling Stone Flying Circus) and after reading Petes book I found out its about his Mom being unfaithful to his Father when he was away. I also love Mary Anne with the shaky hand. Its a witty quirky album and a must for Who fans!

  • thought the title said it all , they sold out , still got my original copy and it's probably been played half a dozen times,typical attempt at the twee quirky psychedelic pop that was around in 1967,better played than most but after My generation it was downhill all the way as far as we were concerened.

  • w/re: to the early Who LP's, they reissued "Sell Out" as a double gate-sleeve record w/ "a quick one" ... and also combined "My Generation" w/ "Magic Bus"

  • Love this album. It has always been one of my favorites. When I purchased in the early 1980's, it was available here in the US only as a specially priced double LP with A Quick One. Being so Pop-Art it never quite fit in with anything, which gives it such outstanding stature these days. Mary Ann with the Shaky hands is my fave as well. 

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