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I was just wondering if any of you have viewed Dawn O'Porter's new series "This Old Thing" about vintage clothing on Channel 4? I have read some mediocre reviews about it already, but I don't know if I'm setting myself up for such an experience. I have often found that whenever I am watching period shows from the 1950s-1970s from the UK, Australia, USA to name a few, I am constanly pulling my hair out and critcising the show and end up just watching it just for the storyline, even if the show's fashion sense is out of kilter. ;-)

I was hoping to download it, because I can't wait for it to aired in Australia - if at all. Before I do, just wanted to know what the concensus was on here. I am looking to invest in the book that accompanies the series also. You all know that I love my vintage clothing - designer or otherwise - and I would love to see this. Maybe it's worth a look, simply as a justification for us Mods to our better halves for why we have the taste in clothing - past and present - that we do! ;-) Trust me, a way to a non-Mod woman's heart is through shopping for clothes and I think this series may have that potential of being a real conversation starter... or argument! ;-)

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  • Just watched the first three episodes, now that it has finally made our TV screens here in Oz. Although I spend quite a lot of money on my vintage - and modern - Mod clobber, I would hate to be told what to wear, how to wear it, etc. As you are all aware, I'm constantly buying things, getting them altered (especially vintage) or upcycling things by sewing new buttons to "liven" something up. I don't need a TV show - even if it's directed to those who don't necessarily buy vintage - to tell me to do that.

    When I ask for clothing advice, I often ask my other half Michael - who was born in 1960; a teenager in '70s, but who is inspired by the 1950s and 1960s clothing and not a Mod - for ideas. Sometimes, I'll show him him about what I have my eye on and what I'd like to put with it (accessories etc.) or change it, where possible. By they way, this is a man who recently removed (by way of unpicking) two faded collars on his Ben Sherman shirts, turned them upside down, and sewn them back on and the faded collar facing down and the "new" collar, so he didn't have to buy two new shirts! Gotta love him! I wish I had that talent. I'm only good at replacing hems and sewing on buttons! ;-)

    Being a celebrity aside, I think what Dawn should respect is that NOT everybody wants to wear vintage or vintage inspired style. If people want to dress like crap, and not spend a lot that is their choice. When I go out shopping, I go to charity and vintage shops, factory outlets, the "High Street" and department stores - expensive and cheap ones. Most of my vintage is from online, though.

    When I go out, I'm often complimented or asked about my style by other women, but I don't FORCE them into anything to gratify myself or boost my ego.

  • Gave it a watch MG it was alright as program's go mainly woman's vintage with some nice things but got to say prices for this stuff was over the top. Judging by what you have posted on here you are sitting on a small fortune.
    • Thanks George mate. Considering my Mary Quant pieces, my Cathy McGowan Boutique dress (Xmas pressie from last year) and my Prue Acton pieces (Australia's answer to Mary Quant in the 1960's), it is quite possible. ;-) Thanks for your review.

  • I've watched everyone so far Becs and it's quite good, Dawn always looks very cool :-)

    • Cheers Paddy! Haven't heard from you in a while. Not fair having no chat room anymore! ;-( LOL! Anyway, Dawn seems nicely dressed, IMHO.

    • Yeah Becs, bring back the chat room!

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    • Noticed you didn't say you hadn't watched it frames.
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