• That's a bit harsh Alex. Just because we wear dresses and high heels does not make us jessies. Now that I remember, I seem to recall Julie always complaining about her school skirts going missing ha ha.
    • Well, it wasn't me that was wearing them, our Jools was always (& still is) more plump than me. They probably blew away on the washing line cos they were like parachutes!

      And I am not slagging you & Andy off for wearing dresses, I'm just saying that if ye want yer own Tranny thread, you ye should post one, rather than interrupting the Girls' thread.

      Next, the two of you will be comparing make-up tips. ha-ha.
  • Ah Heather, you see I think they just passed the 'who's the biggest Jessie' test. A thread for girls and they're still rabbiting away haha. I heard that on the radio the other day actually, remember Chas and Dave, rabbit, rabbit. You won't stop talking, why don't you give it a rest hahaha

    I always thought I was a talker but these guys are olympic gold medalists, lol.

    Heather, Lainy, we need to get ourselves in gear and get some women in here, I'm sure we could talk these guys under the table
    • You are correct, April - big F. Jessies the lot of them.

      Espesh Mr C & Happy Jack.
  • Well done Mark, I'm sure April will appreciate the support. And I agree that we do like a bit of dressing up, but not in that sense, well apart from some and I won't mention any names ha ha.

    Good to see you came back from Brighton in the one piece. I heard there were a few rockers around. But then again I am sure the sole East End Mod would have sorted them out no probs.
  • Ok, Lainy, the reason the guys look great as women is they have their own poersonal makeup artist here, I didn'y train for threee years fur nuthin, hahaha

    Andy, there's a navy pvc mini in my shop, 10% discount fur being a pal.

    Everyone else, I noticed you were all walking funny, I just thought it was the thongs that were too tight. That'll ruin yer family allowance, except Andy, he must be making a fortune in family allowance, I here he's aiming for a football team with his squad. There's be as many Murdochs as there are Patons soon, lol
    • Hi April, hows u. couldny make the gig was shattered n didny fancy the drive fae girvan tae motherwell n back at that time of the morn x

      Think am gettin the short stick here left wae the waxing then lol

      Which ones of u ladies are the hairiest lol
    • That is diffinetly going to be Coileyboy, back sack and crack, should do nicely
    • emmmmm dont think am that brave mate xx maybe April,s up 4 that 1 too
    • aw naw, sadly I'm jist a makeup artist so waxing is out of my job description, need a beauty therapist for that. Lainy, I'm sure you could handle their nails hahaha.

      Sorry we missed you last night, it was ok too, but we'll see you again at September weekend. Don't think I even gave you my number, I'll mail you it.
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