• GS Simon - Wrong again mate. Northern Soul was named Northern Soul at the time by Dave who worked for Blues and Soul magazine because at the time most of the club's and alnighter's that where playing Soul music at that moment in time was up north. Simple as that. And the name stuck. 

    The first club that was regarded as 'Northern Soul' was the Twisted Wheel in Manchester. And the club was very much a Mod club. 

  • Of course that's always going to happen . The difference then was there was mods , rockers ,townies and a couple of venues playing modern music . Now there's half a dozen different youth ( and not so youth Ha Ha ) cultures ; half a dozen different venues and more than half a dozen types of music with there own DJs and supporters . People are spoilt for choice . Back then you had two choices . Take it or leave it ! And of course a common enemy ! Also no matter how many reunions there are or have been that was the first and nobody really knew what to expect . Different world now .
  • I said originally that as I didn't attend I wouldn't comment. I wonder if any other " old boys" thought the same as me .
    Back then the Brighton thing was simple ; you either went or you didn't . Fighting aside , you either had a good time or you didn't . You danced to what was played and partied hearty . You headed home looking forward to the next one and grateful for a good time by the sea . There were no observations , post mortems no critiques of the music styles or the people who played it , you had two choices , take it or leave it . I know life was much simpler then but ........?
    I'm not making a point or looking for a row , just thinking out loud . Enjoy life guys you're a long time old and even longer dead .
  • Mind you, I'm seriously considering getting some "No Boots, No Jeans, No Greens" posters made up for MODesty next year and don't even get me started on the subject of idiots who take their drinks onto the dancefloor!

  • Had a great time this year, met a lot of good friends,The people i didn't know i introduced myself and the good the lady to them ,and spoke to like minded people , I was also was talking to a lad who had the new cyclone 5 speed gear box and had a chinwag about rimini lambretta ,the lad was a scooterboy and enlightened me to the pros and cons of the new gear box which i was thinking of putting in my series 2 project, well i do share a common bond ......scooters, anyway i digress, i went the 3 nights to the komeda /chlamidia jumped between the two rooms and had a ball. The sounds were superb.... if you dont like what was played buy an ipod load your own tunes and dance yourself ya fud.the volks bar could be better but its the only end of the seafront  that can take that volume of scooters and people,as far as top mods and their scooters, there were plenty. And as  far as the comedy mods go, i went to mersea island scooter rally  the next w/end and there  were plenty of pantoskins ,so we just have to put up with them.So i will be back next year having a ball. Enjoy it for what it is and give people credit for what is a very big event to put on or stay home and listen to another jam tribute band in yer local ..yermawsyerda.

    • Well said Andy Wylie. 

    • Well said. Its about fun and meeting people. No one is made to come and other events are available lol

    • Brilliant post Andy ;)

  • Emily, ive never been to IOW but that thing called Youtube shows where i got my assumptions from! In your earlier post u may have actually came up with the solution to suit all. IE someone put on another night if not happy....Maybe someone might put on a NS Weekender at the same time as Brighton.Im not having a dig at the northern soull scene it does take allsorts and different scenes are required. If its your thing fair play, its the flitting between the scenes that folks cant understand! But as said there are more than 1 music room of sounds available, i think the guys that left didnt realise that!! You may even have the answer to the puzzle....has the sweat been taken out of NS and replaced by Cool! Has the dress code of northern changed from the flared trousered tight topped plymsole like shoe image that is associated with peeps dancing there socks off with acrobatic flair changed. Surely you cant dance like that in a fitted/off the peg suit! surely you can see the confusion!!!

  • Look mate we've got 2 original wigan casino members affilliated to our Club, and they would even agree with you! in fact they nearly pissed themselves when i said they should go to the 'Brighton Modweekender'. To them and i know for sure they know what they are talking about,mod is nowhere on there horizion and they thought i was talking the michael!! As stated previously More power to the 'NS' lovers im ecstatic for them, but somehow,somewhere in recent years some people have intertwined the scenes and it can only be for one reason!! I would go to a Northern Soul Do' and i would only have myself to blame if i looked like a twat in my double breasted suit,after all i knew beforehand what i was going to........Peace Out!! :-)

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