• Yep "shirt and collar" that is why they need a tie!

    • I like to wear the "buttoned up" look sometimes. I suppose it lays somewhere between that nether world of indecision, ha,ha ;0) 

  • I am office based so always shirt/tie. Always Windsor knot on both OCBD and Spearpoints. A couple of Spearpoints have French cuffs so will wear vintage MOP cufflinks. I have 2 sets given to me by my dad. Don't like pin through collars. Ties always slim, silk or knitted silk. Plain silk always tie clip, knitted always tie stud (another vintage MOP, left to me by father in law). I don't do any other formal collared shirts. Knot on tie tight but not over tight, end of tie brushing belt buckle
  • Button downs mostly for informal/formal, got 2 Pin Thru shirts with Tie and a Chrome Type Tie Pin-Formal.2 Sets of Cuff Links Target and WHUFC.

  • I predominantly use a four in hand knot, unless I'm using a cut away collar. In that case I will use a full windsor. If I'm not at work I always have button down because they look smart buttoned up or open collar. 

    • Hi Edward, do you not find the four in hand a bit off kilter, when it comes to balance and symmetry of the perfect knot? The windsor always looks good, give the shelby a go instead of the four in hand and let me know your constructive thoughts.


    •  I do find it slightly off sometimes, although I find it oddly appealing. I'll definitely try out the shelby knot and see how that goes. 

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