• I go with an ultra-simple slip knot that gives me a narrow V-shape from which a perfectly symmetrical dimple can be produced. 2.5" point collar so that the tip brushes the top of my collar bone.

  • I wear a variety of ties, collars, and cuffs depending on the occasion. I have a real obsession with symmetry, balance and colour when it comes to a smart outfit, that's probably why I'm of the mod persuasion. I like my collar to sit perfectly on the collar bone, undone or buttoned up with the cuff of the sleeve bang in the middle of my wrist bone and first thumb knuckle. My favourite knot of all time is the Shelby knot beautifully proportioned, quick and simple to do and perfect with just about any shirt and collar. A close second is the classic windsor knot which has already been suggested and is just perfect for the cutaway collar. French, cocktail, or barrel cuffs, its all about the links or the button details for me personally. Last but by no means least the pocket square, though not mentioned, the piece de resistance! TV, peaks or stepped a true definition of class and style when displayed correctly.



  • Length at cuffs looks absolutely spot on ; just got my AoL suit -needs a bit off at the sleeve but nervous tailor makes a cod of it (same bloke asked me if I was playing golf when I got trousers tweaked )
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    • Nice look Stax
    • Sharp, balanced, and astute as ever Harry... Topman ;0)

  • Button Down top button undone, no ties. Tried different collars and love the look especially of knitted ties, but not for me.

  • Never liked button downs with ties.  Even for informal occasions the buttons spoil the look.

    • I really don't get the aversion to BD and ties by some. Nice touch of Ivy when done well imho.
    • I agree Mark
    • Proposed, seconded and carried. I also love the BD and tie combination. A classic, timeless, style and look.

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