• The buttons just distract, ivy league is fine if that's what you like, but that argument makes no difference to whether it looks good to me or others who dislike it.

    • Dave, a fair comment that is vice versa so we'll all beg to differ. 

    • That's fair enough Dave but put your head over the parapet and tell me what you wear....
    • With a tie? pretty much any dress shirt apart from a button down.

    • If we're on the button subject. Why do particularly young men. Insist on wearing dress shirts and yes polos too, done up. Just looks like you're being chocked. Wear a tie or undo it.
    • It's the hipster look.  And often with a tiny weedy collar too.

    • I understand the hideous hipster look is awful, but proper crisp white 3 finger collar BD, black silk knit tie, MOP tie stud along with silver grey mohair suit is someway from that. If not I am getting it seriously wrong, and need to be on hipsters r us... ;-)
    • It's not always a tiny weedy collar, any collar you like in fact. The buttoned up look has been around since collars and the Hipster look is just a trend at the moment. Here's three of my favourites which "trended" as the Nerd look back in the day. 

    • Yes,nerd indeed. All three are terrible and exactly what I'm talking about. Of course all three of these characters have Big problems!
    • Lol! All portraying characters that are borderline geniuses. There's been more than a few shirt and collar wearers with Big problems! In fact I'd go as far as to say huge problems! So it's fair to say that it's the person that makes any outfit look good ;0)

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