• Nice look Stax
    • Sharp, balanced, and astute as ever Harry... Topman ;0)

  • Button Down top button undone, no ties. Tried different collars and love the look especially of knitted ties, but not for me.

  • Never liked button downs with ties.  Even for informal occasions the buttons spoil the look.

    • I really don't get the aversion to BD and ties by some. Nice touch of Ivy when done well imho.
    • I agree Mark
    • Proposed, seconded and carried. I also love the BD and tie combination. A classic, timeless, style and look.

    • The buttons just distract, ivy league is fine if that's what you like, but that argument makes no difference to whether it looks good to me or others who dislike it.

    • Dave, a fair comment that is vice versa so we'll all beg to differ. 

    • That's fair enough Dave but put your head over the parapet and tell me what you wear....
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