• Hmmm! Maybe a bit tricky to find the exact styling these days. You can give Claudio's DNA Groove website a look or failing that try the Old Town website who use to do a lovely vintage tab. The Old Town people don't seem to do the tab collar anymore but I'm sure they will have archived the pattern. Good luck mate ;0)  

  • Though all are celebrity types, these images give a good variety of the different types of collar pins, bars and clips.

    I'm looking to increase my tab collar shirt collection and have narrowed my search down to two makers at the moment.  

    • The Gent in the bottom photo (the name escapes me) has it to perfection, the small knot with dimple and the excellent collar

    • The dancer Fred Astaire, who was mates with another great dancer named Ginger ;0)

    • I've always considered Fred Astaire to be the original mod.

  • After years of trial and error as a youngster, I personally prefer the perfect knot in the shelby and windsor today.

    As the great man himself says, after the perfect tie the rest is just dressing.

  • Gone for the Button Down Collar and Paisley Tie today

    • Great knot and dimple Ed. The 'Le Samourai' look?


    • Nice collar on that shirt Edward
    • Thank you :) , it's a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt so I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the collar is. 

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