• Nice! We gonna see each other next week, Scott?

    • 100 % Kai -will be hard at it --pacing it daytime to avoid being stretchered out at The Barony .
    • Know what you mean, Scott... same thing two weeks ago at the Linz Weekender... :-D
  • OCBD's are the 'Greatest'

  • These one piece collars are a great modern look. I really can't wait for this sleek shirt maker to open a store in the UK.

    sciolto | Kamakura Shirts
    Kamakura Shirts Kamakura Shirts
    • Hey! That looks pretty cool! And not too terribly expensive compared to the prices I've seen on some other fancy collared shirts.

      sciolto | Kamakura Shirts
      Kamakura Shirts Kamakura Shirts
    • Great quality shirt makers Stan ;0)

      sciolto | Kamakura Shirts
      Kamakura Shirts Kamakura Shirts
  • Nerves got the best of me ......wanted next to nowt off my sleeves on my AOL.......the great man himself said it could be done from bottom .....tailor with a glazed look said from the top -----bottle crashed -----quick exit .
    Pondering next move over a rum and coke .
    • When it comes to threads always start at the top Scott.

      Before I trust anyone to do complex alterations, my first question is, are they a member of the guild of master craftsmen? They should point to their accreditation prominently displayed in their place of work. Anyone below this level you need at least three recommendations mate. Also ask how many alterations of the type your looking for, that they have done.

      Pop the postcode of your area in and this will flag up any Master Tailors in your area. Good luck dude ;0)

    • Thanks Gary
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