• Oh by the way, mid- October already!? Time to dig out my 'Last Christmas' 12"...
    • Absolutely mate, I already have my decorations and tree up plus the Thats What I Call Christmas CD is never off.
    • Good voice though even if you don´t like his music. I want´a fan of that breathy croonier style he had but the song he did with Queen for example might not be your cup of whatever but it´s seriously well sung, imho anyway.

  • keep pulling these out with a view to giving them a run out - but creature of habit-- always go with plain mother of pearl faves ---think they are a bit Liberace and possibly a bit Ray Reardon ?

    • If you combine the two they are a bit Reararche, which does not sound so good Scott ha ha
    • Wouldn`t "Dracula", Ray Reardon be wearing bat shaped ones Scott, mind you I could see Liberace wearing them though, camp as Christmas, great keyboard player though ;-)

  • Looks, style and ideas. 

    • The bloke second from bottom looks like a skinny version of the late George Michael. I have to say that not even he would have worn a suit that bad Gary ha ha
  • At 10:00, like so...

  • my old uncle never wore these -going to get a run out at Glasgow

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