• Interesting... I'd still prefer to wear a tie, however.


    Why men aren't wearing neckties and thrifty ways to upcycle them
    Ties are being upcycled into bags and clothes as people look for thrifty ways to use them now men are rejecting them for reasons of practicality and…


    Only in Adelaide... :-/

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    • Totally agree with you about the beards Bavarian, very interesting indeed ha ha
    • To me throughout his career he always looked like a life size Ken. As in Barbie. :-D
    • I know what you mean Kai. Tbh i think he came across as a decent person, I just never really liked his music or sense of style.
    • What are you talking about Chris; Wake Me Up... is a top class dancefloor Soul tune. Not, hahaha!
    • Yeah, obviously I am excluding 'Wake' and 'Wham Rap' from that list Kai. I do not think it will be too long before we hear those being played at all the top Mod clubs ha ha
    • 'Gotta have faith', Chris... even if he had 4 of those BSA leather jackets designed by original Mod Lloyd Johnson... LOL! ;-D
    • I have to be honest and say I have never heard of Lloyd Johnson MG. If he was responsible for the GM bikers jacket he wins no prizes for originality. Maybe the BSA stood for Bit Similar Actually ha ha
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