A new Book is in production " To Be Someone - Mods in Ireland "   Looking at the Mod Culture in Ireland from 1979 when the Mod Revival was brought to life. Top Mod Faces tell their story how they became influenced my Clothes , Music and Scooters and the Cool lifestyle, all the Big Names are here, David Holmes, Desi Maguire, Hugh Burns , John Doherty ,Joe Moran, Niall Gilmartin, Noelene Shelmerdine and many more. The legendary " Irish Jack " gives an insight into the Mod Culture with a cracking Foreword for the book. Details of Publishing and release date will be posted here and on Facebook. Thanks for your interest Marty McAllister.

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  • Marty, where's the best place to order a copy? I know you've probably mentioned it about six thousand times but we've been having problems getting on Mod Gen & Facebook recently as the laptop is on the Fritz again.. Hope you're well fella!

  • Cheers Andrew ....Enjoy..!

  • Out just in time for Crimbo, thats the hints started for my young lad then.

    • Hope so Bob, waiting on Photo permission from some People, a long slog..!

    • Great stuff Marty, fair play to you , its takes some dedication to bring this to print.

      By the way you have my permission to print those tastefull naked photo's, all for art :-)

    • Thanks John ,  just gonna use the one of you in the leopard print thong , sitting astride the GS .; ))

    • I've changed my mind, im not buying it anymore Marty ha ha.

    • Chris that pic is to boost the sales to the ladies :-)

    • It may go down well at another sort of Brighton weekender as well John ha ha.

    • He actually looks ok Chris.....with a spraytan...: ))

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