• How about the Lambretta fishtail parka
    That looks good, but the hood trim is dreadful, know anywhere where I can get a hood retrimmed?
  • A warm coat and Chris will keep you warm, if it was me I would have tried to have bought a m51/m65.. I took my daughters 9/10 out last night and wore my m65 which is still good and so warm and bought them green parka's from a fashion retailers and the girls call them their mod coats. I gave them some badges from my m65 and they put them on their 'mod coats' and  this morning heard them listening to the who, jam and secret affair and so just hope they don't visit the kids section of fred perry £££££££ LOL

    • Hmm interesting, how much is an m65??
      They look warm!
    • Hi Chris they are very warm even in newcastle and traditionally used in the arctic you can pick them up on Ebay/Gumtree for around £70 ish, I paid £120 for mine unissued and best to go for a small/medium as they are absolutely huge. If you've noticed all of the kids are going around in fishtail parkas today but they are not the real ones and these do look the part and will serve you many years. Good luck :')

  • To be honest I don't like it, even I'm a "parka kind of person" and it's not only because I don't like the looking but it's not long enough. I do think a parka must be oversized to cover a bit your thigh when you ride your scooter.I admit your parka looks warm but why do you need it "fluffy"?...

    • I got a medium sized one and it covers my thighs fine, haha as I said I put it into the wrong words
      You know what I mean by fluffy.
      Warm, but I'm getting an m51 repro soon
  • If it don't come complete with a smell of wet dogs,burnt oil and seaweed it aint authentic :-)

    • Well said! A parka has to stink that's why you must take it off when you don't ride ;)

    • just a cheap and practical working coat that you could leave on your back rack or seat all day and nobody would bother about,lots of people wore em too,not just us,we were the only ones that used to write stuff on em though :-)

  • Yes I do like it very much but i feel as If I could have got something better, don't get me wrong, it's a very nice warm coat
    But I could have got something else, I will use it for the winter though
    P.s that parka onesie is ghastly haha
    thanks everyone for your replies :)
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