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John Waters has taken the time to set out the Top 100 songs from his mod days.

As you would expect it's great mix of rhythm and blues, soul and ska - and even a bit of pop.

Most of the songs are still played at mod clubs today and reflect the exceptional good taste of the mod crowd.

You'll find the Top 100 here.

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  • Awesome playlist John, been listening to it for a couple of days now. Wish I could Burn it to CD LoL.

  • Excellent list but ya gotta include tracks by Arthur Alexander, Jaynettes, Little Stevie Wonder, Derek and Patsy, 

  • Hi Stephen  I am a late newcomer to the site. Love your 100 choices - just Add Watch Your Step by Bobby Parker and its perfection. Best Steve Allen

  • Great list  It just goes to show that Mod was not really London'centic as 98% of these tracks are also my best tracks as i remember them from the 60's Mod scene, and I was in the west Country, think Bristol, Bath, Chippenham and Trowbridge.

    I am now on radio on (97fm in mid Wiltshire and doing a soul show 8 till 10 on Saturday Nights and most of these tracks are featured in my play list.

  • This is a great playlist....................evokes many memories.................I WOULD LOVE TO GET THIS ON A CD
  • Most of that would be a fantastic playlist for a night out. I forgot how much I love Harlem shuffle. Definitely some of my favourites in there.

    I'm going to follow Barry's example and just play through it while I work on the pc tomorrow
  • Some great tunes in there Stevie. Its funny but a couple of weeks ago Algie, Andy Doyle, and myself were talking about that Prince Buster one 'The Ten Commandments.' I have not heard it for a long time now. Another favourite of mine that I have on vinyl is the Donnie Elbert track 'A Little Piece of Leather.'
    • great play list been listning to it while surfing and its been keeping me well entertained.
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