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I once ran a thread like this before, which got lost in the mists of time, but. As I rarely travel by plane elsewhere but to my summer holidays, where mainly casual wear is on the agenda, I got very little experience on how to get suits, blazers and formal shirts from A to Z with as little wrinkles as possible.

So, any advice on how to pack your case or helpful aids to use are very welcome!



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  • Looking at this pic... Maybe its just me but my personal opinion is that I think women looked a lot more nicer back then.

    • No, it's not just you, Duane. I agree with you, also.

    • Even my Mom said to me, that women took pride in their appearance back then. They didn't leave their house looking like they crawled out of bed. She said she would do her hair and make up just to go to the store for milk. 

    • She's 100% right. I do that too, believe it or not. I have put up the occasional photo on here and stating that's very reason I enjoy dressing like a Mod. I'm sure the yokels (locals) in Ballarat think I'm potty. Although, I must admit, my wardrobe is starting to get really messy - need to clean it up to make way for more of my recent purchases - and I should do something about it.

    • Im in the process of getting new clothes. Ive worn a lot of mine to death. Its hard to get nice clothes where I live and I have to go online to shop. Im picky on how I look goin out of my house. We have a lot of Schlops (people who wear the same clothes day by day, mainly pajama pants and oversized clothes, plus they don't bathe) here and Im above all that. Even when I dress down, Im wearing a Who shirt, or my Lambrettas beat Boys T-shirt. Plus Im the only Mod here, so in a way it sucks, but it has its perks. I wish there were more.

  • Sadly none of the flights I have ever been on have offered as cool and roomy accommodation, or smokes or beer from a barrel. Pity as I am not particularly at home in a large chunk of metal thousands of feet up in the sky.
    • It is indeed Frames, but sadly it is the easiest way to go a long distance. My flights have to be accompanied by several liquid coshes otherwise i would be a nervous wreck.
    • However, the initial question was how to transport your clothing in good shape from one place to another!? What is the best way to stow you suit in suit case!?
    • When I have went to Brighton for the Mod weekenders i have worn my good suit on the flight and just folded the jacket over my lap when seated. Once I get to the hotel the suit goes on to a hanger.
    • That was an idea that came to my mind regarding the GMW, Chris, wear what you want the least to get crumpled in any way.

      Frames, wasn't it you once saying something about rolling up stuff rather than folding!? (Clothes, I mean, not... stuff, haha!)

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