For every queen there must be a king, so if Cathy Mcgowan was queen of the 60's mods who was the king? Also very close to Cathy Mcgowan was Twiggy, and Dusty Springfield, and also Sandie Shaw.

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  • Did Delia groove around the Scene Club yelling 'LET'S BE AVIN' YERRRRR'?

    • no ...

      but she made exceedingly nice cakes

      so much  so they got her a famous record cover

  • was it ,val weedon ,she used to work for the small faces

  • delia also done the cake for this record cover

  • Too late guys, everyone always says the scene was dodo like by 1967. I was born in 64 so its obviously gotta be me

  • sandy sarjeant was queen for me ,, same as stevo says i was born in 67 ,so im saying me

  • I was born in 1969 so it was obviously me.

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