Tunes and being a grumpy old man.

A few records i'm listening to at the moment and strongly urge you to listen to. ZuZu by the Zuzu Blues Band, It's your voodoo working by Charles Sheffield, I idolise you by The Charmaines, Voodoo Madamoiselle by September Jones (great name by the way) and Where i'm not wanted by Eddie Holman. Whilst I may potentially have your attention, are there any 50+ mods out there? Lost touch with many friends over the years and feel we're a dying breed. I obviously have no problems with our younger bretheren but just curious as to how many old boys and girls are still out there.

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  • Yeh dude I turn 69 in 2 wks. Maybe you were still in nappies when I was in the scene.

  • Jools Holland Tuesday Edition.
    Warning! Old Person Rant begins. Please look away if offended. And now ladies and gentlemen, its Madness......'Apples and Pears' by Suggs. A truly lack luster, sloppy performance. Maybe the lyrics help. Jools ala clipboard, What is the song about? (Like we care, but here goes).
    Could be about anyone really....I'm rather worried, says the Prince Buster inspired singer. Cool? minimalist, er no. Apples and Pears, stairs? Cockney banter, suit from the Walworth Road? (Seriously, I could have written better lyrics). Anyway last time I went to George, the Asda guy said they only do off the peg whistles! Oh and what about Prince Buster (Its a 30 minute show, no good asking Suggs to enlighten us). Maybe the Friday night offering from him, will be better, in which case I will eat my Pork Pie hat.
    Do yourself a favour, this week, watch the Keith Richard interviews. Although you will need to cancel your weekend or edit it down to 58 hours if he starts on Chuck Berry!
    We oldies, prefer to look elsewhere for inner meaning. John Paul Gautier....or was it John Paul Satre? One or the other, I get so confused these days, but this after shave smells good. Be seeing you.......

    • Ha ha yeh. There's an extended version on Friday night. Probably give it a miss, I think there's a Watching Paint Dry episode on the other side:)

  • Hi Aiden

    I am still hanging in there at 66 not as sprightly as I was in the 60s but still  playing a bit of bass guitar and jamming with some older dudes. Recently fond an old lambrretta LI in pretty poor condition had it stripped down or restoration but had to sell it on due to a long distance move to a much smaller house. Been listening to Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings and the Melbourne SKA Orchestra Lately as well as my old 50s and 60s stuff..      

  • I just had to post this variation on a theme ............. ...........LMAO!

    • That's exactly how the Classic Rallies are done over here... ;-)

  • "Start drinking up gentlemen - way past middle age!"

    At our age it's time to start asking the big questions........Who is Tubab Crue? .... and why are the Wudang Clang nothing to mess with? Who is Tommy Hilfinger-and why are you wearing his hoodie?

    • I don't want to know the answers to those questions although i do have sleepless nights about Tommy Hilfinger. Now if you know of a good tailor who doesn't want to charge you the earth, then your talking.I must admit that with age I care less and less of what people think about the way I dress, so that's a bonus. Unfortunately one of the few bonuses.


    I don't know about grumpy old men Aidan. There is a good mix of the generations on here with a fair few of them being mature modern thinkers ;0) 


    • Hello Gary, yes, that's me on the left. Just good to hear from people who have travelled the same road for as long. Moving around, family commitments and work have left me a little isolated so it's a comfort i suppose knowing there are others of my ilk and age out there.


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