Turn up's or not ?

Need some advice please. Toying with getting some two tone shoes. The question is   are  they best worn with trousers that have turn up's and how about if the trousers have no turn up's. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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  • Guys thank you all for your advice its very much appreciated and any further views keep em comin please. Right now i'm leaning towards the view of Andy Ingram & Bobby Charlton. But thats taking nothing away from you all who took the time to express your thoughts. I think i might have to discuss this with a tailor !

    • I think I can see where your going with it Andy, more of a zoot suit type of look, in which case turn ups would look good I think.. how about these I think they will be cheaper than Loakes

    • They are ok Mick, maybe a tad too pointy but thats just my view. Have to admit i really do like the Loakes. As to Zoot suit possibly leaning that way ?

  • All this negative reaction to turn-ups is DEFINITELY making me consider getting some done!

  • Turn ups - never, ever !

    Mod  - sleek lines, italian style - turn ups or any added necessary bits of any sort- no way !  It just doesn't cut it

    • Nice shoes Andy, really nice.

      On the turn ups, this is just my opinion and taste but,

      Levi's 501's: Turn ups? Yes, absolutely.


      Everything esle including all types of trousers (Check, mohair, Sta Prest): NO!!!!! Never!!!! Never!!! don't blame me these are the rules!!!!!


      And don't ask who wrote the rules or where they are written down!!!!!! :))


      Really nice brogues tho mate.

  • I got a pair of these Baracuta ones from ebay. Brand New for £25.00! Not as nice as the Loakes though.

  • Is it these Loake Sloane. They are beautiful.

    • Wow! They're lovely.

      Turn ups or a cuff on a pair of trews would look nice with those shoes I reckon. A lot of people wouldn't consider that a mod look but I am of the opinion that if it looks good and works then do it, let's not be dogmatised!.

      Either that or I'm with Andy Ingram with the kick flare. Check out what Paul Weller's doing with his trews at the moment.

    • Thats em Andy !

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