So guys , what's with the turn-ups on Levis and would they be recommended for the older gent? What's your take ?

At the moment mine are worn with hem on the inside of the jeans, as it were .

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  • Do anything you wanna do!

    • Great song from Eddie and the Hot Rods.
    • Yes. As covered by Düsseldorf 80s Mod band Stunde X.
    • I was going to say exactly that Kai but did not want to be a show off ha ha
    • 3298040963?profile=original3298042613?profile=originalThere you go, Chris... second song, side A. Don't you remember it all too well, haha!

    • Yip, the memories come flooding back Kai. Almost as good as Totten Hossen ha ha
    • Same City at least, haha!
  • Totally agree with Steve, its all about personal taste, age does not come into it as far as I am concerned. I have always put a small turnup on my Levis, about 2 cms.
  • 3298036492?profile=originalThis Photo shows wot I mean

  • Personal taste, I have mine turned up only small bout 3CM? seam open, I am the wrong side of 40 and have always worn them this way, older Mods I hanged round with when I was 16 put me onto it. I mostly wear Black Levis now cos I don't like the fade on Blue ones, got one pair Dark Indigo Blue and White are my Fave.

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