TV programmes and films - what are your favourites?

Just wondering what we all watch when there's not much on the television? Quadrophenia is the obvious one of course, but I confess I've never seen it all the way through.
On the series front, on my shelf there are box sets of the Mrs Peel & Tara King Avengers, of Gerry Anderson’s UFO, some original Star Trek.
Films wise, I’ve the 1967 Casino Royale (plotless and confused, but I love every weird minute), The Italian Job, Roman Holiday, all the Beatles films (sorry…), Breakfast at Tiffany's, etc. There’s Metropolis, some lesser known French films, a Small Faces documentary, and Cracked Actor.  
On the more general side of things there are also two of my favourite films, 2001 and Lawrence of Arabia, but my favourite film of all must be How to Steal a Million, with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole.

What're your favourites? 

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    • My heartfelt compassion, Duane.

    • Thank you :) I  would look out at the roads hoping to see an army of scooters and parkas coming to help out at Standing Rock.

    • Funny you say that Duane; I was looking out for a delegation of Tribal Rlders to come and help us scrub off the swastikas and KKK symbols that have been sprayed on walls in our local community over the past few days.

    • That is appalling Graham. These baboons are always in the shadows waiting to exploit any situation they can twist to their own advantage. If they had two brain cells they could work out that those symbols represent those who are responsible for the situation that inflames their feeling of oppression.

      This bandwagon will not get into gear. Now Trump has gained the position he sought, he will renege on all those brutish promises he made to sucker the extremist to vote for him.

      In the meantime I am sure you can count  on the support of the vast majority of decent people, who would want no part of this madness. 

    • Well John, I know I am talking to an old hand when I say we have seen it all before.....Enoch Powell in the 60's created quite a stir, and many people aligned themselves with his alarmist rhetoric because they felt marginalised and disempowered. Then there was the Thatcher years with the Brixton and Toxteth Riots, the Scarman report etc. (I actually lived in Brixton at the tim; a couple of hundred yards from the notorious "Front Line"  and Electric Avenue that Eddie Grant immortalised in song). The "troubles" that spilled over from the streets of Belfast to the pubs and public places of London and the southeast. Then we had the whole Rock Against Racism counter-movement. In  hindsight I take a more balanced view, and am able to appreciate more of the points of view of the factions involved, even though I may not agree. I try not to get too ruffled or excited about things like a few impotent displays of racist or antisemitic sentiment...... but I won't live in fear of the bellicose posturing of a few disaffected people. 

    • Yeah to defeat the ranting orange with the bizarre wig! ;-)
    • The Don is honouring a debt ?

    • The fact remains that an environment existed which Trump exploited. The rust belt is a fact. Blue collar worker in the U.S are earning less than they were in 1999. The rust belt exists because American manufacturing jobs have been exported to countries where cheap labour rates can be exploited.

      There are 50 million Americans on welfare. When people have given up on the political establishment and have nothing to left to lose, they will vote for change because they think that things  can only get better, and even if they don't, when you are desperate anything is worth a try.

      I think Trump is vile and a chancer from where I am. I am not so sure that would be the case if I was where his supporters  are coming from. I would like to think I would see through him. What is obvious is that something is very wrong happening if so many are prepared to listen to this repulsive article.

      The world over the rich are getting richer and the less well off are becoming worse off. There is a limit to what people will stand for, that is where the Trumps of this world step in. It recurs in history. There is nothing new under the sun.


    • Yes frames that is what I was alluding to. The conditions set out in the Armistice after WW1, inevitably  led to the environment that existed in Germany in the thirties. Hitler was the result. When one reads of the situation in Germany at that time, it is quite understandable that the German people wanted change.

      It is understandable that platitudes and moral arguments cut little ice at such times. When you are being burgled, you wouldn't be interested in hearing about the reasons that led to the burglar's downfall and decent into criminality.

      A sensible look at modern history teaches this. The problem events always unfolds in an explosive manner, when sensible analysis is not possible. That doesn't mean we should stop trying to do so.

      Seen any decent programmes lately frames? 

    • People were actually starving in the Weimarer Republik; that he saw to them having work again is what people saw in the first place.
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