BMG has acquired rights to the name. branding and to certain surviving audio visual broadcast footage from iconic Sixties TV pop show Ready Steady Go!

It now plans to explore the legacy of what was arguably the most influential UK music TV show of all time in a series of new audio, video and book releases.

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  • I had a load on VHS. Sadly gone now.Recorded from Channel 4 in the 80s I think. have an Otis Redding special still tho.

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    • Andy, the copyright to RSG goes back to at least 1983. They were sold under the name "Dave Clark International"for EMI, under license to EMI Records. Picture Music International Release. I had the original released video tapes, I dont know whether they were later put onto cd or dvd? I've never come across any since.
      The staff from RSG, like Patrick, would come down to the Scene Club and watch everyone dancing, giving out tickets to perform at RSG. I think I must have had two left feet back in 1963!! Did manage to get on there though, when Freddie & The Dreamers were on. Freddie came out onto the street in Kingsway WC2 and started joking and fooling around. Naturally, the passers by were avoiding him thinking he was a bit weird. In those days it was a cool 10 minute ride down to Kingsway, from work on the Vespa GS.

    • Just to add, I think RSG broke new ground in 1963. We previously listened to Radio Luxemburg, Hilversham, Six Five Special and Oh Boy. All of this pre, Pirate Radio. (Although Ronan O'Rahilly had part interest in The Scene around this time and branched out to Pirate Radio). Now we watched Mods in mohair suits and the styles changed every week. This was the best way to check out what was reflected from the previous week at the Soho clubs. Especially if you were from the suburbs, as all the action was taking place Up West. Admitedly it was hosted by old farts like Keith Fordyce, but he got shoved out as the presenters saw new ways of giving the groups a chance. Dusty, The Stones, Gene Pitney, Manfred Mann, just seemed to be naturals. Not sure who did the first of the videos, but I seemed to recall it was maybe Manfred Mann singing 54321, with a 'chicken run' daft mods v rockers, at the traffic lights?

  • Used to be shown on BBC2 ? Some time back, Great Footage of 60s Beat and Soul/Motown 

    • Hi Steve, 

      I think it was ITV not the BBC and on a friday night and only ran from 9th Aug 1963 until 23rd Dec 1966

      As they used to say 'The Weekend Starts Here'

  • Rather they'd start making new live music shows instead rather repeating old stuff.

  • RSG was obigatory Friday night viewing for Mods in that era, girls watched for the clothes worn by the girls from the London clubs and the latest dance moves, boys watched to see Cathy McGowan even though she was not really a Mod.

    It became the main topic of conversation for the following weekend 

    Let's hope BMG make a good job of the audio video book

  • Does BMG stand for the Bruno Mars Generation ?

  • Compared to the rubbish we had for music television, I often wonder WHY did my mother leave Britain for Australia? Hell, we didn't have colour television until 1972!!

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    • I second that emotion ;0)

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