Ok, by popular request, here is the un-cool Pictures thread. So as not to get on such a low niveau as the black movie buffs descended to last year, I ask you not to post any members from any style forums and the likes. It should be funny stylewise missteps from the past or People who got enough dough to give a sh*t about what we think of them. So... Keep ´em coming!!! A nice clash of patterns here to get the thing off the ground....

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    • Just out of interest, where do I get these turds, Steve, hahaha!?
    • HaHa....PW new Merchandise line Pretty Brown! ;)


    • Haha will look that up on Ebay, Steve...
    • In my teens I always thought Foxton looked the oldest. Today it's exactly the opposite, haha!
  • Wtf are these? Why? I didn't think Casuals could afford scooters... ;-)

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    Image result for Adidas vespa s white black

    Related image

    Related image

    Image result for Adidas vespa s white black

    • Here's another one! Horrible...Seen a couple on Mod pages on Facebook!!! Tacky for Scooterists Only IMO!!!

    • This might simply be the team of Schalke 04, hahaha!
    • I must admit I like the wine one, ha ha ha! I bet the Ghallager brothers would love these! :-D
  • ... as much as I like a nice boating Blazer, but,... no!!!

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