Ok, by popular request, here is the un-cool Pictures thread. So... Keep ´em coming!!! A nice clash of patterns here to get the thing off the ground....

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    • I agree U2...There are Weller/Jam Fans who would buy a Limited Edition PW Turd wrapped up For Sale...Yes there would be demand for it, best left in the past IMO. I like seeing From The Jam, they are good, I think PW Vocals have gone downhill and the Music he knocks out still.

      Bruce looks youngest now LOL!


    • There is no doubt that Weller is not as strong a performer as he was in his prime, but I suppose that has to be expected. In my opinion he also still puts on a fantastic show. I would have mixed feelings if they ever did reform, but I would definitely want to see them live again. At the end of the day its a slightly fruitless discussion as Weller has said it will not happen and he is usually a man of his word.
    • Just out of interest, where do I get these turds, Steve, hahaha!?
    • HaHa....PW new Merchandise line Pretty Brown! ;)


    • Haha will look that up on Ebay, Steve...
    • In my teens I always thought Foxton looked the oldest. Today it's exactly the opposite, haha!
  • Wtf are these? Why? I didn't think Casuals could afford scooters... ;-)

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    Image result for Adidas vespa s white black

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    Related image

    Image result for Adidas vespa s white black

    • Here's another one! Horrible...Seen a couple on Mod pages on Facebook!!! Tacky for Scooterists Only IMO!!!

    • This might simply be the team of Schalke 04, hahaha!
    • I must admit I like the wine one, ha ha ha! I bet the Ghallager brothers would love these! :-D
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