Ok, by popular request, here is the un-cool Pictures thread. So... Keep ´em coming!!! A nice clash of patterns here to get the thing off the ground....

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    • Troublemaker ha ha. Truth be told the polis just got a buzz out of feeling up young boys back then; a strange lot.
  • Another Funny from BookFace!Couldn't find this Thread the other day....Here is one for the Deluded who wud like to see The Jam Reform!

    • Looks kike "Dr Who Meets Star Trek"!

    • Deluded or not there wud be an incredible amount of people who wud go along to the gigs if they were to reform. In reality it has as much chance of happening as Weller sporting one of those jackets nowadays.
    • I know I would go... Who knows, Weller once said something along the lines of never performing a Jam song again and look what happened.... I agree chances are slim though...
    • Was that in the Style Council days Kai ? As far as I know he played some of the Jam tracks even early on in his solo career.
    • Yes TSC days surely, Chris. I'll Never forget him showing very little appreciation on his first Style Council tour in '84, us spotty boys in parkas shouting for Eton Rifles, hahaha!
    • I went to see TSC when they first toured in the Spring of 1984 too Kai. Thoroughly enjoyed the gig at the Glasgow Apollo, but good as it was it was not The Jam. Things move on and stuff and that is probably the way it should be. I have often wondered how Paul Weller feels about these things. As far as I can see the Jam were loved but the other stuff has never garnered the same depth of feelings despite being really good at times.
    • Got into Mod in 83, so one year late for The Jam. A friends' older brother saw them in Dortmund, '80 or '81...
    • I agree U2...There are Weller/Jam Fans who would buy a Limited Edition PW Turd wrapped up For Sale...Yes there would be demand for it, best left in the past IMO. I like seeing From The Jam, they are good, I think PW Vocals have gone downhill and the Music he knocks out still.

      Bruce looks youngest now LOL!


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