Ok, by popular request, here is the un-cool Pictures thread. So... Keep ´em coming!!! A nice clash of patterns here to get the thing off the ground....

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    • They're coming to take me away... haha...
    • A most definite fully pledged member of the cuckoo club. The trousers are neat right enough ha ha
    • Obviously forgot to take off his pyjamas, haha!
    • Very good lol
    • I thought they usually helped them with their pyjamas in these homes, he is obviously an escapee ha ha
    • He must have been in private home care. You have to dress yourself and you're allowed on day trips to the seaside now and again, especially to Brighton...
      If you're in an NHS home, you can get help with dressing, but no trips to the seaside and it's all paid for by the taxpayer as the home would get a subsidy from the government, also.
    • I think I would take the seaside trip package with no dressing, especially if was a home up here. A fair jaunt to Brighton and I would like to hope they would provide refreshments too. Judging by what I have heard from some MG members the trousers would maybe not look too out of place at recent Brighton Mod weekenders ha ha
    • Nurse probably was distracted... :-D
  • The Early Scooterist Parka, Army Greens n DMs

    • I was in that queue! About the fifth one down ;0)

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