Ok, by popular request, here is the un-cool Pictures thread. So... Keep ´em coming!!! A nice clash of patterns here to get the thing off the ground....

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    • I see Andy Cap still likes to indulge in a bit of drinking and driving. The bloke in the bottom photo looks like a non cartoon version of him. Quite like the look of the woman and the scooter right enough.
    • Ho Ho Ho....Yeh the Point of Interest is the Guy....UNCOOL...Wearin a Grandad Cap! Wots that about, any Mods dig em??? There is a Guy late 40s down ere wears one, not a good look IMO. Luv the Andy Cap on the Vespa....Not seen it til today. One for the Celtic Fans? A mate of mine woz avin a Larf about the Guy in The Flat Cap look today, Andy Cap came to mind to Me. Yeh the Scooter and Lady are Cool.  

    • I have seen a few people wearing those flat caps with decent gear on but I hope they were not Mods. I would prefer the baker boy caps as the flat caps just remind me of old guys from the 1930s. It just shows how one bit of detail can make a difference. The bottom photo would have been perfectly ok if that guy was not wearing that cap.
    • His tie seems too wide though...:-)
    • That is a fair shout Kai. I take that last statement back. It would be good without that guy in it. Happy New Year to everyone.
    • Re: Andy Cap. Must be a Celtic supporter as they're always in the pub... Love ya Chris!! Mmmwah!
    • Most Celtic fans I know are tea total MG....aside from when they are in the pub that is ha ha
    • Especially the Lady! :-)

    • Love the expression on her face...
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