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This Post will be updated as we have news, so keep reading this part from time to time for more infoFirstly we have decks for our wee Saturday night in the polish club. Courtesy of Craig Wilson.I have a few confirmations on DJ's and here are the folks who I've managed to get solid confirmations from. There are others in the pipelines.Mark Kelly will be coming up from Carlisle to play a set. Mark regularly plays at a mod club called Concrete in Carlsie and is a regualr guest DJ at The Melting Pot.Ali Maclean, He is the keyboard player with Berry Tweed and the Chasers. Ali is also a regular DJ with The Melting Pot as well as playing other soul nights as they arise.Charlie (Scissors) Murphy has said he would do a piece but he hasn't been in touch yet. Charlie played The One Up Club back in the mid eighties.Another confirmation and it's a definite.Colin Stewart, ex DJ of the Scene Club will be playing at The Polish Club night. I just had a long chat with him and he's going to pop in here tomorrow to say hi to you all. It was fantastic to hear from him and to know that he is fully supporting our wee night.Mikey Collins from Friday Street has just agreed to do a wee set for us, I told him to be sure he brought Mickey's Monkey with him, lol. Mikey will also be helping to promote our night for us and it's much appreciated.We're doing well and it's all coming together nicely.Chris, thanks for getting Colin's number for me, I appreciate it.

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  • As Alex and Mik says, it is brilliant to see you on the site Colin. I am really looking forward to saying hello and listening to the best grooves around once again. KTF, and I will see you in September.
    looking foward to the reunion, (cant wait ) & seening all the old faces. most of my collection is either gone or trashed but i've been busy compiling it all again. i have most things i can remember playing, ( & lots of stuff discovered after the fact) but anybody that can remember any tracks they want playing please let me know.
    i will hopefully have some sort of compilation cdr of scene club sounds for anybody wanting one made up but i suspect you all have most of it already.
    checking out the web page has been magic, seening the old photographs & comments has filled me with joy,sadness & left me a little haunted, i travel back in my head to those times like it was yesterday quite often.
    anyhoo, keep the faith & keep in touch,
    colin stewart
    • Hi Colin, good to see you on the site. I hope all is well with you and Trina says hello. Do you still see Rab Aitch - he always had some record collection and if I know him he will still have it.
    • Hey Colin, As Mik said, nice to see you here among old friends.

      while you may not remember me, I certainly remember you! It ok, it's nuthing bad, lol!

  • Keep your eyes on this post I will update it as I get more info. Still haven't been able to get any flap dancers though but I'll keep trying. Though I have no clue why you would want them, all the old flappers must be at least 90 by now.

    There is an update so read the post now, lol
  • It looks like a great night being planned here. There is a wee place down on Oswald Street (possibly Ivory Blacks) that I have been to a few times to see bands playing. It would be amazing to have the do next door to the old Scene Club, with Colin doing his DJ. But even if it stays in the Polish Club I am sure it will be a great success. As Algie says, there may be a Vodka sampling thing to take adavantage of. And I think by the Sunday you will probably be sparkled Norrie, so you may have to dedicate that as a day of rest and recuperation.
    • I don't do sick days. That's honest. Ivory Blacks was an old prostitute bar. Don't ask how I know, it will only disappoint you.
    • OH AH Norrie ,Margaret was at a Cabaret night in there ,shes gonnae dig you up the next time were out ,watch it mate shes fae Bar-L ,and im taking nothing to do with it ,ha ha.
    • I was in it one with Geo and his brother Rab. Geo was home on leave and it was the only pub Rab could get into.

      Hookers were chatting the guys up who were drinking in the pub. I think we only a pint and left. Scary place for a normal person like me.
    • Bar-L? Doesn't scare me. (don't tell her though)
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