Vale Chris "Vader" Hafner

Before anyone starts, this is not a Star Wars post. This is about a close friend of mine and Michael's that was on the Modern Vespa forum. If any of you who are on there, you'll know him as Vader19 and he was from the US. We just found out out today that Michael and I have lost our dear friend, Chris "Vader" Hafner.

He was like a "brother" to the both of us from across the miles. He and I would occasionally talk about music, fashion and occasionally mention scooters now and again, whereas he and Michael would banter on about scooters from time-to-time. Vader could be best described as one crazy guy with a love of Mod/Skinhead-style clothes, riding his scoots and tinkering in his garage on many of his projects, that sadly will not be finished. :-( We were hoping he would come here with his beloved Heather to celebrate Australia Day (January 26) and listen to some great Aussie music. The next time I listen to AC/DC - his favourite Aussie band - I will be thinking of him always. This is a video of him with his Smallframe...

Vale Chris "Vader" Hafner.

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We will miss you and our [infrequent] chats over the phone...

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  • Thanks for your thoughts and perspectives, gents as I do appreciate them. I understand WHY he did it as I have my OWN demons, but I just wish he could have opened up more. His passing has become a great loss to the scootering scene - worldwide.
  • So what happened to him?
    • Sadly, Chris took his own life and I don't know how he did it.

      I went to four funerals last year of friends who died of natural causes and were quite elderly, but this has really hit me the hardest. Is that wrong?
    • I thought that might be the case. Suicide is a subject that devides opinion. It is of course always a tragedy when a person sees no other way to deal with their problems.
    • It's a tragedy that mental illness along with depression, is still stigmatised and poorly treated in todays 'so called' modern society. 

    • Very true, Gaz - and I know all about it firsthand, too. However, men have it a lot harder to come forward and admit it. I recently watched a 3 part doco, ironically called "Man Up" about that very thing.
      Man Up is a 3 x 1 hr documentary series and campaign funded by Movember about masculinity and men's mental health. View now at
    • No. Because it seems so senseless.
  • Very sorry to hear that Bec.... Yes, in todays online Mod Community some people really grow close to your heart without one ever having met them personally...
    • Cheers Kai.

      Still can't believe that it's been almost a week now. The three of us - including Michael - would always enjoy our threeway conversations. I am hoping to try and "friend request" his wife on LinkedIn since I'm not on FB.
  • Sorry to hear about your friend passing away Becs. Its always hard dealing with the loss of people who mean a lot to us.
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