Vale Chris "Vader" Hafner

Before anyone starts, this is not a Star Wars post. This is about a close friend of mine and Michael's that was on the Modern Vespa forum. If any of you who are on there, you'll know him as Vader19 and he was from the US. We just found out out today that Michael and I have lost our dear friend, Chris "Vader" Hafner.

He was like a "brother" to the both of us from across the miles. He and I would occasionally talk about music, fashion and occasionally mention scooters now and again, whereas he and Michael would banter on about scooters from time-to-time. Vader could be best described as one crazy guy with a love of Mod/Skinhead-style clothes, riding his scoots and tinkering in his garage on many of his projects, that sadly will not be finished. :-( We were hoping he would come here with his beloved Heather to celebrate Australia Day (January 26) and listen to some great Aussie music. The next time I listen to AC/DC - his favourite Aussie band - I will be thinking of him always. This is a video of him with his Smallframe...

Vale Chris "Vader" Hafner.

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We will miss you and our [infrequent] chats over the phone...

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    • So very true Chris.
      Michael and I were planning to take him and the missus to a night in Melbourne celebrating the music of Alberts Productions - Easybeats, AC/DC, The Angels etc - on Australia Day (Jan 26) but can't do that now. We may just go anyway because that's what he would've wanted.
    • You should go along and dedicate the trip and gig to him Becs. If you can put up listening to Acdc it surely shows how much you must have loved him.
    • I can put up listening to AC/DC and bands like that, it's the music of John Paul Young - no relation to Alexander, George, Malcolm and Angus - I can't stand. Yuck!! He was produced by Ted Albert also. If it ever comes to the UK, check out the 2 part documentary Blood and Thunder: The Sound of Alberts. Ted Albert was like George Martin, a revolutionary and visionary in Oz music... even if most of it was sung by foreigners! ;-)
      Alexander Young never came to Oz with his brothers but was in the late 60s band Grapefruit and died in 1997. I don't know if knew this, but the four brothers along with four other children in the family, were all from Glasgow...
    • Yeah I knew that Becs. They came from Cranhill, a quaint fishing village in the east end of Glasgow ha ha
  • I'm sorry for your loss Becc x

    • Thanks Harry. X

      The last time we spoke was at Xmas, talking about music and he gave me some ideas on where to get some clobber for Michael (like JTG, for example) - as if I didn't know already! I told him that Michael doesn't like to spend that much on clothes like I do! ;-)
      It's all the more difficult when you're halfway around the world and can't be there for the family in person. He battled some real demons. We will miss him dearly. :-(
    • You're more than welcome Becc my friend x
    • so sorry for you and michael.good friends are hard to come by .
    • Thanks Michael. Still hard to process.
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