vespa help

my scooter will wildly rev up even when im not touching the throttle and it wont stop even when you turn it off and take the key out , i have to pull the choke out to kill it ,, any ideas how to fix it

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  • i have a px 125 standard tuning , it was the first time since november that it was out on a long run

    • i would start with ideally draining the fuel or at least adding some fresh fuel .

      i cant see how a standard px 125 would want to go into meltdown otherwise after a lay off ?

      you might find parts of the carburettor have gummed up ?

      again fresh fuel should help

      • Good advice Hubert! Probably a good opportunity to clean the jets too.

        Gem, any other problems with the scoot like poor starting or odd behaviour when you ride it?

        • BTW

          dont drain fuel in the kitchen with the cooker on or anything !

          i dont want to be another francis maude

          if you muck about with petrol do so in a well ventilated area and remember the fumes are more dangerous than the liquid

          • lol....more good advice Hubert :)

  • could be the rear hub


    but as glen says check the plug clean the carb etc etc


    • the head and barrell are so hot that there is still a source of ignition after you have turned the ignition off so the engine keeps turning .

      you need to tell us what sort of scoot youre running and whether its standard or tuned .

      have you just took the scooter out of its winter hibernation ?

      if so modern fuel that has stood in the tank can off very quickly leading to detonation

      believe it or not but petrol actually helps cool a 2t as well !

  • Is this when the scoot gets warm mate or from cold start? If it's after it warms up, it could be the incorrect plug. If it's like it from cold, it's probably too much air getting in [loose head, seal gone, carb problems etc]

    • its when it gets warm ,just changed the plug its an NGK

      • Do you have a kit on the scoot? If so, you will need a colder plug range like an 8 or 9. If you are running something like a 6, you will overheat and the plug will generate so much heat that you will experience the problems you are having. Let me know the setup and I'm sure I can find a suitable plug....

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