• I may be no lover of PX's, but its better than secombing to the Sit,Twist&Go brigade!!

    •  I fear the PX will be discontinued shortly,its getting too exspensive to sell in low volume!! But the upshot of that could be that your vintage vespa will go up in value and rarity! With the only other option being the Piaggio Twistees!! Some have jumped ship to The modern day take on a scooter in the eyes of piaggio,but there are the loyal legions who like myself can honestly say i'd walk first.......everywhere!!

  • Totally with you on that one motown, but having said that compared to the new generation twistees i'd rather have a px anyday! The Px is doomed,though much loved there just isnt a market for it now! Piaggio dont build scoots for loyalty,its all about the money!!

  • I always quite liked the PX/PE, not as much as the pre indicator Vespa's but I still have a lot of time for them.

    • Love my InCrowd 2008 PX...Get one would not be without it....

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    • Buy one now before its too late mate!!

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