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Hi guys, pretty new to this but desperate for some advice about my Vespa, as there is nobody around my way that can help. Basically I have a PX but cannot get enough of the classic GS shape. I don't have the cash or expertise to restore a original GS, so was wondering if anyone could shed some light on buying GS parts and getting them added on to the PX. in particular, I would be after the circular front mudguard and horncast.......and maybe side panels over time. Does anyone have any experience of this? would anyone recommend it? or anyone know the best way to go about it? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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  • Thanks everyone for their very informative replies! As my expertise is pretty limited and I don't have the money for this elder of kits that have been cited, I am going to follow the many people advice and enjoy the PX for what it is!

    Many thanks,

  • I agree with the others here who advise against the change, William. I recently bought an LML (geared) for everyday transport purposes, and looked at the GS lookalike conversion kits for LML's. I decided against it for several reasons, but had it been a PX I would not have considered messing with it.....I'd leave it well alone. I also have a 1964 LI 150, so I'm not hankering after a vintage scoot. I just don't see the point in riding a 50-year-old scooter to work and back on a daily basis. 

    • I only got my LML about 2 months ago, so it's hardly long enough to tell, but Iv'e no complaints so far, except for the cheap Dunlop tyres it comes with. Mine is a geared version, and I like it because it isn't so different from the Lambretta in that respect. It is however a 4-stroke, and lacks the acceleration Iv'e gotten used to. Honestly, it's a workhorse, and I decided not to dress it up as anything special (apart from a few vinyl stickers and a necessary back carrier.) It's not a PX, that's for sure, but it is probably as safe and dependable as most (if not moreso) than most restorations. The nice ting about it is that I can get it fixed locally, and if it gets a scratch  or a ding in transit, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it!

    • My sentiments exactly, Hubert!

  • Im not the best on the tools either Motown  to be honest , so I am eternally thankful to my good mate Tony ( AKA Luigi ) who is a bloody good man to know , upgrades were really just to make the Scoot usable for a few rallies in and around Glasgow etc , 10inch wheels however i would regard as essential in terms of stability , I find riding on 8inch a pretty scary experience !

  • Cheers Motown ,

    She is a VBC 150 Super origanally registered in Glasgow , shes now in cream but was Red , ive changed to 10inch wheels using the SIP chrome rim kits , uprated the cylinder to a polini 177 kit and , 24 carb and bigger jets , all in shes running well and i dont have to down change on hills now which is the main reason for the bigger cylinder , great wee scoot and as you said always a good bit cheaper than SS, Rally GS etc.

    Ive still go my PX which is dynamically superior to ride in ever way to the Super , just not as cool perhaps


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    • Would totally agree Hubert , key is to find a UK / Italian registered Sprint/ Super so many were shipped to the far east as kits by Piaggio and thus loads of rather iffy botch jobs out there !

      If you can find an honest scoot though and you dont mind the squarer trap headset then yep its still a good vintage choice



  • William,

    As a few of the other guys have said I think the PX is best enjoyed for the great scooter it is, Ive got a PX but did want something more vintage and finally last year I got a 1976 Douglas  Super so can understand , whilst I think we would all agree that the GS is the dogs , it may be more affordable to look at part exing  for a Super/Sprint ,its not quite got the killler lines of the GS but a more affordable vintage option, just be sure that its a British/ Italian registed example , otherwise enjoy the PX and start saving hard 3297935140?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 

  • do the Kits from £595....The less Technical U are they go up in Price!

    The local Scooterist who got the Silver one below done got most parts from Scooter Republic in Wales bought some cheap Indian Vespa side panels!

    This is what he said about the Retrovesp kit ( he did his a few years ago may be different now!) If retrovesp are still the same as they used to be you have to cut up your px panels and glue a band of the px panels to the fibreglass bubbles to make them fit.

    Here's a ready done PX/GS 125 on Ebay looks good

  • This guy does a kit on Ebay £232. Below is a pic of a PX/GS conversion of a local scooterist down where I live now in Cornwall looks great, he knows a bit bout scooters3297883434?profile=original, has a GS headset on makes it look better, don't know where he got his kit will msg him on FB? . This has come up on a discussion on ere B4 couldn't find it tho???




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