Italian industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti gives a nod to the original 1946 Vespa with his concept for a sleek, minimalist electric bike. The beloved Italian scooter is reimagined as the Vespampère, with Iacchetti linking past and present for a forward-thinking vehicle designed for better riding in urban environments.


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  • Ok, Think the Headlamp and Seat Design Set Up could be alot better, then it would be likeable for me

  • Cool, clean, sharp lines with that modern futuristic style that I like. You can't mistake that classic, Vespa, keyhole silhouette... A great looking, minimalist scooter that's also good for the environment. No doubt it will divide thoughts and opinions but that's the cost of trying to be forward looking and different. Superb! 

  • Sorry Steve, but I can't see any link between the past and the present there even with cartoon drawings, supposedly inspired by the Vespa 98 (1946) ;-) It's rather frustrating to see the Vespa logo stamped on it, also. At least when the Scomadi was launched, it actually looked like a Lambretta and the LML Star, the Stella and the Neco Abruzzi and Neco Abruzzi '65 models all look like their respective Vespa counterparts - the Rally/PX/PE/GS/VBB/Sprint/Super etc.

    The light and indicators look like they've been run over flat and the seat looks like you'd be sitting on an ironing board with your a_se in the air...

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