Thought i'd just add a discussion about watches. I'm a mod in the making and would like to own a few more nice watches. Which watches do you think are lovely? I already own a Gold Casio, and a Rotary Quartz with a burgundy oxblood-ish strap. Any other ideas?

Been looking around every now and again but can't really find anything to my liking, which is frustrating as my efforts have been wasted.

Also feel free to mention any accessories you think would also complete a specific mod look:)

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  • Treated myself to this last month, a Seiko Automatic Diver, I swear by Seiko watches, Japanese reliability, just like Japanese cars ;-)

    • Nice design, too, Alan!

  • I traded an American Tele. for this a couple of weeks back.

    • Nice watch SR ;-)

    • Cheers Kai. Its another semi-obsesion of mine.
  • Hats (fedoras, derbys, porkpies) and suspenders? Are some other accessories I have seen
  • Just bought a TW Steel watch. They specialise in over sized watches. Very happy with it but luckily i found it for considerably less then the rrp which i was very pleased about cos good as it is i don't think i'd have  wanted to pay the full rrp !!!! 

    • Seen all these watches on here, and i love em all

  • This Smiths Empire watch was given to my father in 1952. It a cheap one really, but it keeps good time and I use it on a regular basis.

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