We Are The Mods- Book by Christine Feldman

Has anyone read this book ? I managed to find a copy in a Pittsburgh Library. I found a lot of things interesting and I do respect Christine for her work, but I disagree with the Pittsburgh thing. The event at the Rex Theater I feel was planned  because they got word an author was in town to do a book about Mods. I know that place and the owner and I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't pay the DJ that night. I was hanging out in Pittsburgh a lot during this time period and there may have been one or a few Mods there. It was mainly left over Punks , Crusties, and Skinheads at that time. If there was a Mod scene I've known. They have some kind of Scooter Club thing called "Band Camp". From what I've seen and heard, its a Rave meets Rap, Metal and Hip Hop. Hardly any Mod about it. Other than that "THERES NOTHING HERE"...  I wish there was.

The USA, other than a handful of people NEVER got Mod. It was chucked in as the cousin to the Hippie and used upon fashionable terms, "I got a Mod belt, I got a Mod Dress or a Mod suit", but in the 60s, my Mom told me it was mainly Car Hops, Drag races, and in Mount Pleasant Pa, the term Mod was never heard of unless it was a conversation about the Beatles. Even British invasion was never Big here then. They were still listening to stuff outta the 50's up until 1966 my Mom said. That and Motown stuff. Doo Wop was also big in this town until 1969.

Even in the 80s. Mod revival may have been big in Europe, the UK, Etc. But here It probably reached the Big city areas of LA, and New York. I come from a small town and believe me, None of this culture was Big here. Punk was associated with Skaters and was called Skate music, or Thrasher Rock ( Thrasher magazine was big at the time), rap was called "Jam music", because kids listening to it wore clothes called "Jamz", A Piss take on Hawaiian fashion with Mondo neon splats. mainly rich kids were part of this.

But I respect Christine for what she did, but she should have really looked into stuff a little more than a few Cities here. Remember, a lot of this is my opinion and what I've seen over the years. Europe and the UK got it down. Call it the Grass is Greener syndrome or whatever, But come here and see the reality. Detroit may be the home of Motown, but its so bad up there now, when they made the Temptations movie, they had to film it out here cause its safer than the city of Detroit.

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  • I have read this book. Nice book ever. I love this book.

  • It's maybe not a strong scene within the USA but there are one or two who seem to be on the button when it comes to mod (USA). A few friends  of mine attended the High Rollers Weekender in Vegas recently and said it was an awesome experience. Check out this positive blog and see how you get on mate.



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