Welcome Mikey Tenner!

I'm sure that anyone who has a copy of Richard Barnes' Mods book will recognise the face of Mikey Tenner - one of THE faces of the 60's mod scene - a guy who personally invented many of the original mod dances (including THE BLOCK) so I'm totally delighted to welcome him to the site!

Welcome Mikey Tenner!


  Scene Club faces Mickey Tenner & Sandy Sargent

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  • Very stoked to see one of the legends on here! Always enjoy his posts on the Facebook group!

  • HaHa Mikey,! Those 2 birds look proper impressed. We've all been there.
  • Fascinating stuff Roger, thank you. 

    I too was a Royal regular, graduating to Studio 51 and The Scene Club in 1963.  I’m Rob Nicholls, and my Mod story appear in different essays on themodegeneration site. 

    You had a good time in your youth.  Do you have any photos of you from that period, or even one of you and Sandy?  Or those you took of Sandy modelling?  There is a Sandy Sarjeant web site at http://www.myspace.com/sandysarjeantfansite/photos/204863

    • I've told friends this before, but it really is exciting now that more of the originals are utilizing sites like Facebook and this group. For so many years, their stories were pretty much lost to many of us (especially, if you were on the West Coast of the U.S.). All we had were snippets of quotes or the Mods book. Many of us always wondered what happened to all those people who were into this the first time around.

      Reading Roger's brief write-up, the write-ups of others on here, the Facebook OM group, and the Jack That Cat Was Clean blog has really helped fill in so many knowledge gaps and has helped correct so many stereotypes some of us may have had over time.

      Love this!

    • Roger:  Do you have a photo of yourself ca 1963-1965.  I'd like to include it with a brief bio in a book by Tony Beesley "Mods at the Coast".  Can you email me at rnicholl@live.uvi.edu

  • an iconic picture of you Mickey.

    like everyone else on here , I'm looking forward to your stories.

    • No rules Steve we all had our moves within the basics :))

    • Hi John

      When i get the time



  • Great to have you on the mod gen site Mickey.  Oli: this man is an authentic face, an original Scenite, mate to Pete Meaden and Phil the Greek, and one of the originators of The Block dance.  Looking forward to a feature article from you Mike.  I see you on one of the RSG tapes, I'll have to review them and find out which one it is.  Welcome mate.
    • Robert Thanks for the welcome when I get some time I will do this


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