weller cut off or not??

have been growing my hair for about a year and recently had it cut more of a weller style.went into my city centre today and felt very self concious!!! every other male my age having the normal short back and sides! am i just being paranoid or do you have to be a weller or gallahager to pull it off!!!

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  • I like it...well if it looks like the cut in the photo it suits you, i do think however if it isn't regularly cut it can look keep it trimmed and keep yer wig-looks good :-)

  • I think mark u have answered your own question! The old sayin goes 'if it feels right it is right' To put a different way are we followers or trendsetters????

  • Yes my first weller,maybe because I've always had it short that I feel concious!!
    • ive felt like that , same with wearing a tootal ..but fuck um if you think its cool then thats all that matters

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  • Be true to yourself mate, do  not worry what the others think although I dont regard a Weller or Gallagher to be a true Mod cut

  • Stay with it Mark !  The trick is to be sure of yourself and  don't bother looking at other people .. Cos they will probably be already  looking at you !! Often with a certain amount of jealousy !!

  • Do whatever you want dude. Personally I don't like the Weller cut but doing what you want is what this game is all about. I don't have hair anymore so it's a No1 all over for me, but if I did, it would be a short back and sides (left parting), JImmy Cooper type thing

  • No "you got to be someone or you might as well go and jump in the sea" Keep The Faith and keep your hair and walk through your town centre with a swagger that only a Mod can.

  • keep it ,balls to them all or get a french crew ,,most of our club go for the pink shiney look

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