What Gig's Have You Been To?

Couldn't see a thread dedicated to live music.

I went to see The Specials last night at Rock City,Nottingham.  Good gig small venue (about 2500).  Decent atmosphere.  Was almost a very short concert with Mr Hall threatening to walk off after bottles were thrown.  It seems some people just can't help acting like idiots.  Some well dressed folks about too.  I'm always blown away when I see a women skinheads, a male skinhead so what?  But a woman skinhead that takes guts.

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  • On a night when flowers didn’t suit my shoes...

    Great night at Suburbs in Guildford; Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band supported by The Sha La La’s.  A last minute opportunity that really paid off, this small capacity gig (200) was the chance to be up close and personal.  

    Arrived during the soundcheck and feared that major aural damage was on the cards as the boys from down the road in Woking were blasting the roof off the place. Mercifully, once the venue had a few more bodies rocking the joint, the volume was somewhat absorbed as the band raced through a high energy showcase set. Looking forward to seeing them again in May. 

    Then “That man took the stage”. The old timer was on fantastic form; OK, it’s a set of covers but the energy of the performance transports you back in time to the hand clappin’, foot stompin’, funky butt days of the mid sixties soul reviews - a real treat. 

    • Saw Geno at the Glasgow Mod Weekender in 2017; still got a great voice. 

    • Sadly missed that gig a couple of years ago but will certainly be in attendance the next time he comes up this way.

    • Oh, btw, the Gene Drayton Unit was the better live act that weekend, and you didn't miss them... ;-)

    • They were certainly top drawer material as far as I could see Kai, well worth the entry fee ha ha

      I have been looking around to see if tickets for the FH gig are available and so far there is nothing. I imagine it will be in the same venue you saw Geno ( Barras Art and Design) but there is nothing posted on Tickets Scotland as yet. Martha and the Vandellas are playing there on June 1st I see.

    • The BAaD was ok, but you can't beat McChuills... :-)

    • Yeah McChuills is great when the weekender is on Kai.

    • Do you know at which venue Miss Hallam will play this year, Chris?

    • Absolutely, still got the voice and the energy to match. I was knackered from dancing - that he can still do it at 75 is a tribute to the sweet soul lifestyle. 

    • Friends of mine, german Mod band Beat Revolver, played as opener for him in Lavarone the same year. Now that's an honour indeed! :-)

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