What Gig's Have You Been To?

Couldn't see a thread dedicated to live music.

I went to see The Specials last night at Rock City,Nottingham.  Good gig small venue (about 2500).  Decent atmosphere.  Was almost a very short concert with Mr Hall threatening to walk off after bottles were thrown.  It seems some people just can't help acting like idiots.  Some well dressed folks about too.  I'm always blown away when I see a women skinheads, a male skinhead so what?  But a woman skinhead that takes guts.

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    • I often get that after a few pints mate ha ha
    • Lol! The fumes and a couple of bubbles of one pint and I'm done for... I'm a shite drinker but man can I have fun when let loose ;0)

    • I can drink and drink and drink once I get going, I actually find it really difficult to get drunk and I'm a slim bloke....the last time I got drunk was a few years ago at a works do that started early afternoon. 

      Started with pints of Stella went onto shots including if memory serves absinthe, in the end my then brother in law was mixing practically every spirit all mixed in a large glass and was downing that. 

      I was still pretty ok until I went outside and the fresh air hit me like a Mike Tyson punch.  I staggered home, holding onto anything I could.  Went bed threw up and had to get up the next day at 4am for work.  Spent most of the morning going outside and lying on the pavement.

      Just drinking beer does little or nothing unless I have huge quantities which I never do these days.

      I remember on one occasion getting drunk but having a moment of self realisation that I was not really drunk but thinking I was drunk and almost 'acting drunk' and just because I had a lot of drink doesn't mean I cant control myself...since that moment I've found it really hard to get that drunk feeling, its almost like I hypnotised myself so I cant feel drunk anymore....bit weird. lol

    • You threw up and then got up- in that order...!?

    • yep. Threw up in bed...well by the side of my bed.  Not a proud moment.

    • Lucky you Gary, saves you a fortune on bar bills plus no hangovers the following morning.
    • Lol! I don't know Chris. For some strange reason because I don't drink, everyone keeps trying to get me pissed. I'd be a millionaire now if got a quid for every drink ever offered. Ha ha 

    • I know what you mean mate. For some weird reason some drinkers have this thing about trying to persuade non drinkers to get involved in it. I would never try and persuade them, i just lace their drinks ha ha
    • I've been well and truly laced before Chris. At a party I kept being given this lovely tasting green Benedictine 'lemonade'... I woke up a day later in a cardboard box, in the spare room with a total loss of memory. Fortunately it was pre-cellphone days so with a bit of luck, 24hrs of my life isn't floating about on youtube. Ha ha ;0)

  • Really looking forward to some Modern Jazz this weekend. I will be escorting a lady who was a 'Tottenham Royal' dancer/face, who gave me a much more in depth education when it came to Mods and the Blues. Being a revivalist, with a broader range and wider selection on the foibles of mod, I introduced her to modern jazz. Which she at first turned her nose up at, saying it was the domain of the more highbrowed Modernist (elitism! don't you just love it!) who frequented The Flamingo and/or The Marquee. But over time, I convinced her that the two were inextricably linked. You can read more of Joan the mod's best thoughts in the upcoming, fantastic looking 'Mojo Talkin': Under The Influence Of Mod' book by the indubitably skilled writer and publisher Tony Beesley.

    Me, myself and I is just glad to be fixing up, sharp and proper for a great night out with some like minded people and all that jazz... ;0)


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