What Gig's Have You Been To?

Couldn't see a thread dedicated to live music.

I went to see The Specials last night at Rock City,Nottingham.  Good gig small venue (about 2500).  Decent atmosphere.  Was almost a very short concert with Mr Hall threatening to walk off after bottles were thrown.  It seems some people just can't help acting like idiots.  Some well dressed folks about too.  I'm always blown away when I see a women skinheads, a male skinhead so what?  But a woman skinhead that takes guts.

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    • Phones irritate me too, but I'm getting used to them, you have too I guess.  Seeing weller tomoz.

      I went to see paul simon and there was a bloke filming the entire show through his phone.  He even skyped his (I assume) daughter just before the show started all a bit weird.

      I wouldn't of minded so much as the screens are usually black and not too distracting but he had a bright white light and it was directly in my eye line, I ended up going across and telling him.  He was fine with it, and as I got back to my seat I was thanked by someone nearby. 

      I remember seeing Prince and he banned people filming with their phones which I thought was going to be great, it was worse, all night long I had stewards rushing past me to stop people filming.

    • Ha! Well, then you can watch the performance later most likely. Someone is bound to upload to youtube for a short time before it get's taken down due to copyright. Or just listen to his original recordings.

  • Took my daughter to see "All or Nothing" Fri evening. It was as always excellent !!

  • A bottle of Havana Club 7 at the ready -shoes buffed up a treat -and it's off to Nine Below Zero at King Tuts on Saturday night -wife's moaning but heh Ho
    • Always a great show from -9. I try to see them once a year. Have fun
    • I saw The Truth at Nightmoves at the start of 1983 but sadly did not make the NBZ gig at the same venue a year prior to that. Looks like a great gig so I may try to make it along if there are still tickets available.
    • Should be good. Enjoy !!

    • Yes, enjoy, Scott!

  • Out to see local band "Time Check" last Saturday. 60s-70s classics. 

  • Out of the blocks lively today -Glasgow March of the Mods -early on The Laynes and The Redstarts ---have to pace it to see final throws on Target 5 -everything ready and we are on the bus at midday
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