What Gig's Have You Been To?

Couldn't see a thread dedicated to live music.

I went to see The Specials last night at Rock City,Nottingham.  Good gig small venue (about 2500).  Decent atmosphere.  Was almost a very short concert with Mr Hall threatening to walk off after bottles were thrown.  It seems some people just can't help acting like idiots.  Some well dressed folks about too.  I'm always blown away when I see a women skinheads, a male skinhead so what?  But a woman skinhead that takes guts.

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  • Mr Weller last Friday at York great set over two and half hours of pure Magic.

    Also met Mollie Marriott after her set and got a photo and autograph.

    Tonight its The Who at Sheffield playing the Tommy soundtrack.

    • Seems Weller took up some Jam- and TSC tunes for this tour again, Richard...!?
    • Kai,

      He sure did Ghosts, Man on the Cornershop (never thought I would hear this live again) Monday acoustic version and Start. Pure class and worth every penny.


    • Well he's in Cologne early June when each and every Mod in Germany will be at the Two Men From L.I.N.Z. weekender, so we'll have to do without each other this time. Shit happens... :-(
    • Yeah he did 3 jam songs when I saw him a couple of weeks ago and a couple of style council ones too.

    • Excellent ! Enjoy tonight !

    • Will do Andy its half a mile from work as well. Dont like the big venues but bands like The Who only play to big crowds.

      Would love to see them in a semi small venue like the Bariban in York or O2 in Sheffield. 

    • Sounds awesome. I'm waiting for Mollie Marriott to release a new album, I've liked her singles and don't have the oppurtunity to see her live.

    • Almost sure she has an album out possibly next month ?

    • Think she said September but might be wrong.

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