What happened to Pretty Green ?

I have read the brand was sold by Liam Gallagher in 2019. I understand there is only one store left in Manchester, not even a single one in London. How you people in UK do you buy from this brand ? By mail order only ?

Sorry if this was discussed before.

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  • The early stuff was fantastic quality and mostly made in Portugal. After Liam lost interest they took on some terrible designers and executives and the brand lost the plot, it's been cut back drastically and their latest range, a collab with UMBRO mostly sold out in minutes.

  • Was In Manchester last September and stop by the store. Like some of the stuff, but found it way overpriced. Which is too bad. My friend did buy a shirt and nearly got sick when he realized the £ - $ conversion! Did run into Clint Boon of The Charlatans there. Put us on the guest list for a sold-out show at the Gorilla for two young bands worth checking  out: Dirty Laces and The Lathums. 

  • Overpriced cheap rubbish .l went in once and the designs and quality were rubbish .

  • Hi in spite of the denial re following mod made by the label, the Liverpool stsore had the full fat Jimmy Lambretta in the window.

    But like other higher end brands like LK Bennett for women, some how the whole thing failed. Trapped between the bucket shop Primark and premium designer labels. Although I never bought anything there, some of the high end items were probabaly worth a look. 

    However and something close to my heart I suspect many of the goods were made in sweat shops..

    Like many Gallagher set it up and sold bits of the business in tranches...until the shareholders closed on him.


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    • Saved from the dumpster by JD Sports in 2019 according to google there, and only the flagship shop in Manchester still open. 
      A mate of mine who was my sidekick throughout the revival era and has maintained something of a Mod outlook since then (he had a bit of an obsession with Merc at one time!) was a big fan of Pretty Green but whenever I had a quick squint at the website there was very little that caught my eye and the prices for basic stuff like polos and round neck cotton t shirts was just laughably high!

      And this is not me being snooty or trying to distance myself from the Mod pack, I cheerfully admit to having acquired plenty of stuff from high street / mall brands and obvious Mod labels like Clark's and Fred Perry, I just never got the hype for PG. 

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