what have you had for Christmas

as the title saysI've had stone foundation cd.dessert boots.ben sherman suede jacket.plus the usual socks.aftershave.so come on and let us know what santa brought you

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  • My wife bought me The French EPs singles vinyl boxset by The Small Faces. Pretty chuffed to be honest
  • Image result for beat boys in the jet age

    • Excellent.  Might have to dig my old copy out and have a re listen.

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    • Your music is going to sound boss with that preamp kicker Harry. The neighbours will be thinking there's a Jamaican soundsystem next door mate... ha, ha.

      A quality prezzie man! 

  • I went our of my way to not get as much for Christmas this year and mostly asked for and received charity gifts. I did get a very nice Knitted Fred Perry top from my sons. I also got vouchers but ended up buying my grandson a cool wee green Fred Perry with white piping. Still have book vouchers to use so will be going in to purchase 'Mojo Rising' once my flu clears up.
    • I think I got your flu, Chris. :-( I started to get laryngitis last night... and it's going to be 41C today (Saturday). :-(
    • Its not quite that temperature here MG, very close but not quite ha ha
    • Only made to 39C in the end, but if I was back home in Melbourne, it was at least 41C...

    • Its +3 at the moment and will be down to about -5 by the end of the night. To be fair it is in the heart of Winter and it should be pretty cold.
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