• My wife bought me The French EPs singles vinyl boxset by The Small Faces. Pretty chuffed to be honest
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    • Excellent.  Might have to dig my old copy out and have a re listen.

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    • Your music is going to sound boss with that preamp kicker Harry. The neighbours will be thinking there's a Jamaican soundsystem next door mate... ha, ha.

      A quality prezzie man! 

  • I went our of my way to not get as much for Christmas this year and mostly asked for and received charity gifts. I did get a very nice Knitted Fred Perry top from my sons. I also got vouchers but ended up buying my grandson a cool wee green Fred Perry with white piping. Still have book vouchers to use so will be going in to purchase 'Mojo Rising' once my flu clears up.
    • I think I got your flu, Chris. :-( I started to get laryngitis last night... and it's going to be 41C today (Saturday). :-(
    • Its not quite that temperature here MG, very close but not quite ha ha
    • Only made to 39C in the end, but if I was back home in Melbourne, it was at least 41C...

    • Its +3 at the moment and will be down to about -5 by the end of the night. To be fair it is in the heart of Winter and it should be pretty cold.
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