What I bought today...

Just thought that I'd start this topic as nobody has [bothered?] to start it yet!

I was in one of my local charity shops today and bought these women's basket-weave, tassel loafers for only $8.50 AUD! Absolutely brill, to say the least! ;-) Now I can wear them with my new trousers from Sportscraft (see link below) and my Ben Sherman boating blazers! They were made by Australian shoe manufacturer Sandler, as part of their "Easy Steps" collection which still exists today. I think these shoes were an absolute find and would make excellent work and leisure (by that I mean dancing) shoes!

I also picked up two of my lay-aways. The first being two pairs of capris trousers - one pair in black and another in navy. Don't let the "capri" style fool you. They actually look like full-length trouser on me. I paid $105 AUD for each pair, instead of $150.

The second lay-away I picked up today was this lovely dress from Target that I purchased on sale a couple of months ago!

Happy shopping my Mod brothers and sisters! Look forward to reading and seeing what you've bought!


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    • Amazing what you can get on ebay for very little, great buyers market. 

    • Yep. You just have to sniff out those auctions that are badly labeled so that noone else who might be interested finds them. This one was simply said "nice blazer" in swedish. Did not even mention that it was actually an Armani. ;)

      On another note I've never really been interested in Armani-stuff before - most of the time their cuts just does not do it for me. This one, being fourbuttoned, caught my eye though. And now that it has arrived I must say I'm impressed with the quality of the fabric and the craftmanship. Still not sure whether it would be worth paying what it would cost new since that would probably get me one, if not even two, bespoke blazers but still. Definetely a step up from any other otp blazer or suit I've ever owned.

    • Nope, it doesn't. Apparentely that's a main feature on most genuine Armanis (had to do some reading up to find put if it was the real deal).
  • Whether it's for a gig, going to the shops or for that elusive jobin the office or retail (depending on the openmindedness - is that a word?!) of the people you work with and for, I've had a a real fascination with looking at/buying female vintage two piece suits over the last couple of years.. Not to mention, that you'll end up praying to the Mod Gods and Mod Goddesses above you don't get told you look like something out of Mad Men either. This'll be the 6th vintage one I've bought... and counting!

    Just "bought" (to be paid on Wednesday) a 1960s vintage, green Mod suit from eBay - to bring out my green eyes, I think! ;-) Hoping to pair with my modern Mod Olga Berg bag I bought last year - third photo - though! Would make a lovely Spring ensemble once it's altered slightly in the bust line!

    • Thanks Alan! I can't wait until it arrives! I'll be at a Classic Scooter Rally when it does! Thankfully, I'll put our mail on hold until we get back. So, it'll be a patient (or impatient) wait, for me!

    • Very smart MG love the colour
    • Cheers George! Green is one of my favourite colours - depending on the shade - and no, it was not my idea to paint Michael's scooter in apple green (see phootos on my page), either!

    • Lovely gloves! What are they? Have been sort of on the lookout for a new pair of drivers gloves, and these look right up my alley!

    • They are DNA Groove Ronnie. Beautiful soft leather.

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