What I bought today...

Just thought that I'd start this topic as nobody has [bothered?] to start it yet!

I was in one of my local charity shops today and bought these women's basket-weave, tassel loafers for only $8.50 AUD! Absolutely brill, to say the least! ;-) Now I can wear them with my new trousers from Sportscraft (see link below) and my Ben Sherman boating blazers! They were made by Australian shoe manufacturer Sandler, as part of their "Easy Steps" collection which still exists today. I think these shoes were an absolute find and would make excellent work and leisure (by that I mean dancing) shoes!

I also picked up two of my lay-aways. The first being two pairs of capris trousers - one pair in black and another in navy. Don't let the "capri" style fool you. They actually look like full-length trouser on me. I paid $105 AUD for each pair, instead of $150.

The second lay-away I picked up today was this lovely dress from Target that I purchased on sale a couple of months ago!

Happy shopping my Mod brothers and sisters! Look forward to reading and seeing what you've bought!


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    • Most often,yes, Andy. Currently getting one made by Charles Caine.
    • I'll look forward to seeing the shirt on here Kai !

    • Charles Tyrwhitt are much underated in my opinion, great quality and the only place that I have found White Button Down Shirts in a Poplin weave rather than the Oxford Weave that you can get everywhere else ... great workshirts

    • I concur, Charles Tyrwhitt is one of my favorite places to shop for shirts. The quality is always very high and the choices of weaves, Oxford, Honeycomb, Twill etc.. are very nice. 

    • I've found them to be cheaply made budget shirts that are similar to Savile Row Shirts. They are as thin as paper, one or two washes and they are never the same shirt. 

    • Also, no real collar to speak of!?

    • Hard to tell from that pic, I've had some in the past with weedy collars and others with a good roll. I remember going on chat with them and asking about the collar roll and was told they'd never been asked that question before lol.  If I see a cheap one with a good roll I'd pick it up, but tbh you can have a M2M shirt with the same quality for just a little more.

    • Depends on what you like I personally don't like unfused dress shirts they always look scruffy when I've seen them, seems a American prep look, which borders on the smart casual.  Not all though I have seen some smart ones, I'd imagine its hard to find them thesedays. 

      I cant imagine having a unfused dress shirt would have to be very special.  Fused for dress and traditional unfused for casual but I have fused casual too.

  • Last purchase and received it only a few days before new years eve but I have to made some repairs.

    • Nice suit, Bettina! Looks like another one I have to delete from my favourites! :-)

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