What I bought today...

Just thought that I'd start this topic as nobody has [bothered?] to start it yet!

I was in one of my local charity shops today and bought these women's basket-weave, tassel loafers for only $8.50 AUD! Absolutely brill, to say the least! ;-) Now I can wear them with my new trousers from Sportscraft (see link below) and my Ben Sherman boating blazers! They were made by Australian shoe manufacturer Sandler, as part of their "Easy Steps" collection which still exists today. I think these shoes were an absolute find and would make excellent work and leisure (by that I mean dancing) shoes!

I also picked up two of my lay-aways. The first being two pairs of capris trousers - one pair in black and another in navy. Don't let the "capri" style fool you. They actually look like full-length trouser on me. I paid $105 AUD for each pair, instead of $150.

The second lay-away I picked up today was this lovely dress from Target that I purchased on sale a couple of months ago!

Happy shopping my Mod brothers and sisters! Look forward to reading and seeing what you've bought!


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    • Which is why I have no time for Aussies in sport... rugby, cricket etc.

    • That's OK. ;-)

      According to Wikipedia, the English have played with their balls more than we have... Being half-English, I can make that comment...

    • Neither are we mate, but we also had to put up with it dominating the sports news for about a week. If you ask me it is a lot of fuss for a glorified game of rounders...without the excitement ha ha

    • I remember playing rounders  in primary school - over 20 years ago... Whilst Scotland remains in the UK, it will naturally dominate the sports headlines. There's even a Wikipedia page on the "scandal" too, ffs. (Sigh)

    • As far as I am aware the only 'scandal' is the amount of airtime given to such an irrelevance. The press would be better off asking pertinent questions such as why did we not get to play rounders in our primary school. Instead we were landed with croquet and polo ha ha

    • C'mon Kai, where have you been. Its the biggest sensation since Christopher Columbus invented the wheel ha ha

    • Not so sure about this patriotic lark MG. I thought you would be keeping a low profile after being caught tampering with your balls ha ha

    • I don't watch cricket. ;-)

      I'm surprised you do, being an "gentleman's" game... Besides, I don't have any green and gold (yellow) combinations in my wardrobe in order to match MOST of Australia's sports teams... :-P

    • I have never watched a game of cricket in my life MG. I have done some boring things in my time but not quite that boring ha ha. In times past I will admit to watching just about every sport aside from cricket and rugby. Nowadays the only thing I still watch is football, which previously was a sport but is now a business.

    • Our AFL - Australian Football (not soccer) League has become like that also. Teams that were once working class decades ago are now "cash cows" because the AFL (to Australia - Carlton, Collingwood etc) has become what the FA is to England and Scotland (Man U, Liverpool, Celtic etc)

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