What I bought today...

Just thought that I'd start this topic as nobody has [bothered?] to start it yet!

I was in one of my local charity shops today and bought these women's basket-weave, tassel loafers for only $8.50 AUD! Absolutely brill, to say the least! ;-) Now I can wear them with my new trousers from Sportscraft (see link below) and my Ben Sherman boating blazers! They were made by Australian shoe manufacturer Sandler, as part of their "Easy Steps" collection which still exists today. I think these shoes were an absolute find and would make excellent work and leisure (by that I mean dancing) shoes!

I also picked up two of my lay-aways. The first being two pairs of capris trousers - one pair in black and another in navy. Don't let the "capri" style fool you. They actually look like full-length trouser on me. I paid $105 AUD for each pair, instead of $150.

The second lay-away I picked up today was this lovely dress from Target that I purchased on sale a couple of months ago!

Happy shopping my Mod brothers and sisters! Look forward to reading and seeing what you've bought!


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  • Mod about Melbourne yesterday, doing some much needed retail therapy - and any excuse to put some more stuff on layaway!

    First, the items I put on layaway...

    Revival brand "Billie Dove" dresses and matching tops; Revival brand "Mini Minor" dress and matching top, the only difference being the collar! All in the buy 2 get 3rd free sale! Bring on the summer - even if I have to wait halfway through January to pick them up!! ;-)

    Next stop, Clear It Factory Outlet in Fitzroy, Melbourne for some more retail therapy! This place is like a second home to me when it comes to buying clothing. Only difficulty is trying to find your size, such is the trap off all factory outlets. This time, Alannah Hill three piece ensemble, called "Light of My Life" in green and white from their - not her, anymore since she sold the name in August 2013 - Spring/Summer 2013-2014 campaign. Hope to order the matching bag also! Nice ensemble for this Aussie Xmas, I think ;-) RRP over $800 when these 3 pieces came out... factory outlet price $290!

    • Some very cool additions there MG. The green outfits have a lot of promise to be unique ;0)

    • Cheers Gaz! That's one of the many loves I have for the subculture of Mod... the "promise to be unique" - to use your words. I might use that next time someone asks me about Mod.

    • Like this 3 piece a lot MG, not for myself, obviously......Ha-ha.

    • Cheers Alan! It is a rather fabulous ensemble. I love wearing suits like this - including the collar and tie with suit or boating blazer job - as the ensembles (vintage or vintage-inspired) keep finding their way into my wardrobe these last few months. one ensemble - three variations: dress with jacket; skirt with jacket or even just the dress by itself with the handbag (when I get it).

      The best part of being a female Mod are such endless possiblities with what to wear, how to wear it and accessorise accordingly, provided you don't look like you're an extra in Austin Powers, Mad Men,Hearbeat/The Royal, or any other 1960's-inspired period piece. I know I mentioned on a orevious thread that whenever we love to dress, Mod just tends to just "inspire" the public to think that's what we look like we've stepped out of! However, I was cast recently as an extra for The Doctor Blake Mysteries (set in 1959) for the third season, all of which is filmed here in Ballarat - and no, I didn't get to wear some of my own late 1950's inspired clothing and bring my own accessories. I merely got the part because I am a member of the Old Colonists' Club here in town (where on occasion they film) and applied for it. My outfits were bloody awful tbh, even if I did get paid. I would have rather been in Heartbeat.

    • Yep, I agree MG, I think there is more scope for Mod Ladies than men really, clothing wise and I must say that you take very good advantage of the fact :-)

    • That green is v unusual - love it though Bec

    • Cheers Robert! Great to see you whenever you're online! ;-)

      Apprently, the green was referred as "Pepper Green". The other colourway for the ensemble was "Sherbet" which looked like dark peach to me and looks better on blondes! This green is like an emerald green to me, and being my favourite shade of green, I think it brings out the green of my eyes!

  • Actually, I didn't buy this nice wool/cashmere overcoat - my wife bought it as an anniversary present. She tried to get me one of the Crombie-style topcoats with a breast pocket, but they don't make them in my size here. Gone are the days when I can afford tailor-made coats, but this one is very warm and very smart,....thanks to the missus!

    • Its one of the more unusual shower screens that I have come across Graham ha ha

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